Cell Alert / Game Line Assistant
The minute games are postponed, as always, I call the game line and make the announcement. If I am near a computer I will send out text messages to every cell phone whose owner registers their cell phone number with the league office. Within seconds you will receive an alert on your cell phone.
Please note: This is not a replacement for the game line. If you DO receive a text message from the game line, then yes, the games have definitely been postponed. However, if you DO NOT receive a text message from the game line it could mean the games are still on, OR it could mean the games are postponed but I cannot get to a computer to send the text messages. There are no guarantees here. If ever you are in doubt about whether your game is still on and you have not received a text message accordingly, call the game line.
Also note:Text messages will ONLY be sent in the event of full rainouts (all games postponed). There will be no text messages for partial rainouts (only some games postponed).
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