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Bat Lists / Legal & Illegal

Post by sixofdiamonds » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:10 pm

Per league rules...
The use of any bat other than a straight single material/single wall is strictly prohibited by other than male/female eddies.

Male players over 51 but under 65 (eddie) shall be restricted to the use of a limited number of non-composite multi-wall bats as certified by the ASA and Softball America.

A female player of any age (eddie) and any male player 65 years or older (eddie) shall be restricted to any bat listed as certified by the ASA. Any bat not legal for use by male eddies but legal for use by female and 65+ males shall be deemed a HOT BAT. Hot bats must display a piece of 4" wide silver tape placed just above the bat grip whenever a qualified player using said bat steps into the batter's box. It is the responsibility of the bat user to make sure this condition is met. Failure to comply will place the batter in jeopardy of being called out. This call will be made by the umpire and can be initiated by anyone at any point from when the batter steps into the batters box up until a pitch to the following batter is made. Should any unqualified player (core, all-star, or male eddie under 65) step into the batter's box with a bat as described above, that player will be immediately ejected from the game and suspended for the following game. Questionable bats should be removed from the game without penalty when in the hands of a qualified batter in the batter's box.
DENTED BATS: Excessively dented bats shall be removed from the game without penalty.

ILLEGAL BATS: Any non-conforming bat as outlined by Softball America bat restriction policies shall be removed from the game without penalty. If the batter reaches base, the batter shall called out if the illegal bat use is discovered before the next pitch is thrown. Any and all base runners shall return.

ALTERED BATS: A batter shall be called out when entering the batter's box with or is discovered using an altered, doctored, or loaded bat. Additionally, the batter shall be disqualified from the game and suspended from any further play in all of Softball America for the balance of the season plus 2 additional seasons thereafter. Any and all league fees will be forfeited.

The Softball America bat list can be viewed and downloaded at the link listed here...

Bats listed in the first 3 columns below are legal for use in Softball America as outline in the opening post. Bats listed in column 4 have been banned by the ASA and are not legal for use by anyone playing ASA softball.

Over the years, numerous league members have put in quite a few man-hours compiling this list. The list is produced in the name of league safety and fairness. If you have any questions with respect to this list, feel free to either post here or contact Dan O'Brien at the following email addresses.

dan.e.obrien(at) (replace the (at) with @)

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