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Yearly Statistics / Regular Season / 2017

Post by sixofdiamonds » Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:21 pm

Men's and Coed league regular season yearly totals and yearly leaders in 19 categories are now available and can be accessed here...

Softball America Statistics Page

The opening page (All Players) lists every eligible roster player that participated in a Softball America league game in the calendar year 2017. To view the yearly league leaders in numerous different categories, click one of the category headings. In order to be listed under a category heading, a core player need have a minimum of 72 plate appearances (including BBs) while eddies must have a minimum of 54 plate appearances (including BBs). Players with less than 72/54 plate appearances (including BBs) will not appear. Should you notice an error or an omission, please notify the league office at your earliest convenience.

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Les Greenstein

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