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Career Statistics / Post Season / 2004-2017

Post by sixofdiamonds » Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:14 am

Career post season statistics for men's and coed league players from 2004-2017 (inclusive) have been formulated and are now posted on the website. You can access career post season stats from the Softball America Statistics page (link below).

Softball America Statistics

Career post season leaders in 20 categories have been formulated and can be accessed by clicking any of the stat header links underlined in blue. Only players with a total of 150 or more post season plate appearances (ABs + BBs) are included among category leaders.

On every career post season leader page there is a link labeled Legend. The Legend contains a detailed description and explanation of each heading and category.

Congratulations to all the men's and coed league leaders for their Softball America career post season accomplishments. I took every precaution to ensure accuracy. Should you notice an error or omission of any kind, please notify the league office at your earliest convenience and I will investigate the issue promptly.

Thank you!

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