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1-Pitch Tournament Rules and Regulations

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1-Pitch Tournament Rules and Regulations

Post by sixofdiamonds » Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:58 pm

Tournament play will abide by ASA and SBA league rules with the following exceptions...
  • The eddie walk rule will not be observed.
  • A 2nd foul ball courtesy for eddies will not be observed.
  • Managers are required to bat all able-bodied roster members in all games without exception.
  • Managers are required to field all able-bodied roster members at least 2 defensive innings per game unless it is the player's choice to not play the field.
  • If, to start a game, your opponent has less than 13 players in their line-up (for whatever reason), you will have the option to play the same number of players in your line-up.
  • A mandatory team out will be imposed in any game where an ejected or suspended player would have appeared.
  • Games may start as early as 15 minutes before the posted game time. A forfeit will ensue if your team is not ready, willing, and able to take the field at game time or 15 minutes prior if the situation presents itself.
  • Trade deadlines are midnight of the Friday before the tournament.
  • The 4-4-3 eddie rule will apply - 4 eddies must be in your line-up, 4 eddies must play the field, 3 of the eddies in the field and line-up must, at all times, be female.This may change depending upon the number of females entering the tourney.

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