Memorial Day 1-Pitch 2019 / Statistics & MVPs

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Memorial Day 1-Pitch 2019 / Statistics & MVPs

Post by sixofdiamonds » Thu Jun 06, 2019 7:03 am

Tournament statistics have been formulated and are now posted online. Tournament MVP (Most Valuable Player) is named from the winning team. MVP’s (Most Valuable Producers) are players with the most production relative to the categories listed below.

A fair and balanced statistical formula is used to produce MVP winners. It does not favor the power hitter, nor does it favor the player that hits for average. The formula takes into account at-bats (9 plate appearances required for consideration) H (hits), (R) runs, (RBI) runs batted in, OBP (on-base percent) and (BB) walks.

Congratulations to Tournament MVP (Most Valuable Player):
Bill Brancato

Congratulations to the following MVPs (Most Valuable Producers):

Kevin Roche (MVP)
Richard Stead (Male Eddie MVP)
Amanda Quinque (Female Eddie MVP)

Each of the aforementioned will receive an MVP trophy. The winning managers, Rob Lyons and Lauren Wood, will each receive championship plaques. Each member of the team will receive custom 1-pitch tournament championship jackets or sweatshirts.

Complete stats can be viewed here…

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