Men's Mid-Summer 1-Pitch Tournament 2021

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Men's Mid-Summer 1-Pitch Tournament 2021

Post by sixofdiamonds » Fri Jun 04, 2021 10:04 am

Date: Saturday, July 10, 2020
Rain Date: July 17th, 2020
1st Game: 9:00 am (all games to be played at the Eureka Quarry ball field)

Entry Fee: $300.00* per team (2 games guaranteed)
1st Place: $1,000.00
2nd Place: $300.00**

*The $300 cash team entry fee must be remitted to the league on or before July 1st. You can give it to me or Nancy Razzi at the Quarry ball field. Be sure to get a cash receipt.

**2nd place prize money needs to be set at no more than $300.00. The runner up will get their entry fee back and basically play the tourney for free. Revenue for the tourney totals $2,400.00. Expenses include extra trash container and pickup, extra port-a-pot service, ASA tourney insurance, umpires, scorekeepers, softballs, electric, and tournament stats. This totals more than $1,100.00. For all intents and purposes it's a wash.

Each batter receives 1 pitch. If the pitch is fouled off, swung at and missed or hits the mat or plate, the batter is struck out. If the pitch is a ball, the batter walks. Fair batted balls are played in normal fashion. The pace of play is fast. The games are quick. It's a lot of fun for sure.

This is a great opportunity to make a name for yourself in the SBA Community and earn some cash prize money for the team. Use the money for team shirts or a team celebration at your favorite watering hole. You can enter an existing SBA league team. You can enter a partial SBA league team and cherry pick players from other teams to join up with you. Or, you can build a team from scratch with any combination of players from any combination of teams. The only requirements are listed below.

Roster Requirements: Each team must have in their line-up at all times no less than 6 registered Softball America league members. Registered SBA league member refers to any player that has paid a league fee in 2021. This is an insurance requirement. Tournament teams need not be the same as regular season teams. Tournament teams can be a combination of 2 or more teams. The 6 registered SBA members on a tournament team can be from 6 different teams. As long as you have these 6 current SBA members, you can fill in with whomever you like.

Tournament Teams
Kings Corner, Mgr. Matt Schaub
Sex Panthers, Mgr. Keith Hass
Wire2WireSports, Mgr. Gene Walczak
Doom Cats, Mgr. Bryan Peterman
Philly Junk, Mgrs. Tom Rider/KC Ingram
Garges Gang, Mgr. Bob Garges
The Commission, Mgr. Phil Black
Dirty Dozen, Mgr. Connie Georgiadis

Alternate Teams
Steam, Mgr. Tyler Fornwalt
Birdgang, Mgr. Jason McLaughlin

Yes, there will be some good teams entered, but they aren't THAT good. The 1-pitch format is the great equalizer. There is limited space. We will max out at 8 teams. Email the league office ASAP if you are interested.

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