From The Gutter / Week 13

Softball America Off-Season Bowling League
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From The Gutter / Week 13

Post by sixofdiamonds » Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:40 am

Farmer Bob tossed a 600 series to lead the Pin Splitters to the East Conference title.

The Nines managed just enough points (2) to edge out 10 Pin Commandments for the top spot in the West.

Joe Frederick's 234 and Kevin Fink's 52-over propelled Shut Up and Roll to the North crown.

The Pocket Pounders needed a 7-point sweep to top Straight Shooters in the South. They got what they needed thanks to a Joe Hignett 174-over 663 series.

Congrats to the 4 conference winners. The Pin Splitters will face The Nines while Shut Up and Roll will take on The Pocket Pounders.

As a result of the increased number of teams this year vs. last, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place regular season money has increased. Attendance was poor so the increase was marginal.

The league bowling prizes are as follows...
1st place - $500.00
2nd place - $300.00
3rd place - $150.00
4th place - $100.00

While the 4 conference winners duel it out for top honors, those 4 teams and the rest of the teams in the league can compete in Week 14 'Bowling for Dollars'.

If all 32 teams choose to enter the tournament, $705.00 tournament dollars will be up for grabs. The 1st place team in the tournament will receive $486.00 and the runner-up will take home $219.00.

Team handicaps will be formulated specifically for each tournament. Teams can build a tournament roster if a regular roster team cannot attend. Keep in mind, any bowler you use MUST be a regular roster member of a Bowling America team. Outside the league subs are not allowed. If your roster will be different than what it was in the regular season, please list the names of the 3 bowlers. Using players from other teams is permitted. Inside the league subs are permitted providing they have bowled at least 6 games as a sub this year. If you want to bowl in the tournament, just show up with your team and pick a lane.

To enter the tournament, place a $15.00 team fee into the white envelope and be sure to give it to Joe DeSousa on Lanes 11/12 BEFORE the start of bowling.

Winners will be determined by total pins including handicap. While you will be bowling with another team, you will not be bowling against that team.

Your team can still bowl if they do not wish to enter the tournament. Just do not pay the additional $5.00/bowler tournament fee

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