Sunday Evening Bowling 2020/21

Softball America Off-Season Bowling League
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Sunday Evening Bowling 2020/21

Post by sixofdiamonds » Tue Sep 22, 2020 2:01 pm

I will be reaching out to bowling team captains in the not too distant future. Many have been wondering if there can and will be bowling this off-season. The short answer is yes. There can be bowling this year. Whether or not there will be bowling this year is entirely up to league bowlers. There will be significant changes and restrictions to how we will start the bowling year. The possibility does exist that some or all of the restrictions will be lifted as time passes.

Here is what you need to know in order to make a decision on whether you and your teammates want to bowl or not. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, only 16 teams will be allowed to bowl this year. 26 bowled last year. If more than 16 teams want to bowl, teams will be accepted into the league on a seniority basis.

Please read and understand the restrictions and limitations listed below BEFORE you commit to bowling this year.

League Bowling Procedure Changes
1. The Bowling Center will be deep cleaned during the bowling season at least twice a month.
2. Temperatures will be taken at the door each week.
3. All bowlers must wear face masks at all times except when seated and eating. If you stop eating to bowl your next turn, you must put your mask back on.
4. On the first night of bowling, bowlers will be required to fill out their bowler information sheets. If for some reason someone does contract the virus, we really need to help with the contact tracing and would like to contact all bowlers who may have contact with the person. This is not to make unsolicited calls to your bowlers for business sales purposes.
5. Teams will be on their own pair.
6. We will have to enforce end times if teams run late for non-mechanical issues. We need to be able to sanitize lanes in between each league.
7. Some start and end times may have to change for us to accommodate everyone. We will not know for sure which leagues will have to move or finalize these plans until we know how many bowlers are in each league to start the season.
8. Pre-bowling hours will most likely be limited. We may open sometime on the weekend, but we recommend some leagues to think about allowing post bowling. The only issue with post bowling is some days it may be hard for Pat to have scores in to update the league secretary.
9. We will be running our business with limited staff compared to years prior. We do ask for you to have patience with things like league averages having a few extra days for us to get them uploaded.
10. For all public bowling we are taking credit cards only. For league payments we are offering 3 options; cash, personal check or credit card. Bowlers paying cash must have exact change. If a bowler would like to use a credit card, we ask that they pay for at least 4 weeks at a time.
11. If a bowler rents shoes we ask that after they are finished bowling they leave the rental shoes down by the lane and if they use a house ball to also leave it down at the lane for the staff to clean up.
12. We have masks for sale at the front desk. $10 for 1 and $17 for 2. Our entire staff has been wearing them and they find them comfortable and easy to breathe while wearing compared to some other masks.

Because the bowling center will be disinfecting between leagues, our start time will be 8:50 pm. This is not the end of the world because with 3 bowlers per pair of lanes, the end time will be about the same or earlier than our previous year’s end time.

Food and Beverage
1. There will be no Potluck or catering of any kind allowed for the holiday this year.
2. All Alcohol sales will be done through the snack bar.
3. For the bowlers to purchase alcohol it is state mandatory they must purchase a food item from the snack bar.
4. Bar area is off limits to all customers and bowlers. If a bowler needs a house ball, they must ask the front desk to grab it for them
5. All Snack Bar food is served in to go containers.

Questions and Answers
1. Will the center continue to accept personal checks? Yes
2. How much time needed to clean the center in between leagues? 10-15 minutes
3. How much time should 3 games take? The industry standard is 10 minutes per person per game. Seniors may take a little longer closer to 12 minutes per game.
4. Can we enter through the back door? You will not be able to enter through the back door due to the temperature check station at the main entrance. You will be able to exit through the back door.
5. Is cash being accepted? Yes, but we do ask that your bowlers bring exact change when using cash. The bowling center will not have large amount of change for the bowlers this year on hand. Example: Bowler pays $13 each week. Instead of bringing a twenty-dollar bill and asking the center for a ten dollar bill, five dollar bill and 5 one dollar bills, we are asking that they bring exactly $13.
6. Are Face Shields acceptable? Yes
7. While the bowlers bowl on their own lane will they be rotating between the lanes? Yes, teams will use both lanes on the pair they are bowling on. The team they are bowling against will be on the pair next to them. Example: team 1 will be on lanes 1 and 2 and team 2 will be on lanes 3 and 4. Please remember the importance of the approach courtesy to guarantee the social distancing is occurring between teams.

If, after reading and understanding the aforementioned restrictions, you and your teammates still want to bowl this year, please let me know at your earliest convenience. It matters not to me either way. If teams want to take a pass on this year's bowling, I'm fine with that. If teams want to make a go of it, I'd be more than happy to put it together for you.

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Re: Sunday Evening Bowling 2020/21

Post by sixofdiamonds » Mon Nov 02, 2020 8:06 am

With 10 confirmed teams, we will have a bowling season this year. We will start at 8:30 pm, however, bowlers will not be permitted to enter the bowling center before 8:20 pm as to give the bowling center time to disinfect between leagues. The games should go fast as each team will bowl on their own lane pairs. There will be no pre-bowling this year. The bowling fee of $13.00 per bowler MUST be remitted each week BEFORE the start of Game 2.

An American and National Conference will consist of 5 teams each. Each team will play each other in their respective conferences 2 times and 1 time vs. the other conference teams for a total of 13 regular season games. At the end of the regular season, the first and second seeds in each conference will face one another. Each winner will move to the league championship series (American vs. National). The losers of those games will play in a consolation series for 3rd place. The prize money breakdown will not be determined until I have a better idea on bowler attendance as we move through the season. Unlike other leagues where bowlers pay whether they show or not, bowlers that do not bowl do not pay.

Opening Day is November 22nd. The official schedule has been posted online. You can access the schedule from the main Bowling America website or click here... ... hedule.htm

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