From The Gutter / Weeks 8 & 9

Softball America Off-Season Bowling League
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From The Gutter / Weeks 8 & 9

Post by sixofdiamonds » Fri Mar 05, 2021 7:14 am

Hi Les,

I included week 8 sheets, I’m sorry if I forgot to send them last week.

We did have a serious issue come up this week though, someone from the league brought in a bag of beer cans. We caught it because they left it here, with three full beers still in it, after checking the trash we found empties. We cannot and will not allow this, our liquor license is a valuable asset to us. After much discussion it’s been decided that if this is ever to happen again, the league will not be accepted back.
Any questions, let me know.

Thank you,
Pat Dowd
Assistant Manager
Thunderbird Lanes

Whoever is responsible for the aforementioned issue, please be sure it does not happen again.

Week 8

The Incredibowls take 5 of 7 from Pocket Pounders on Justin Haines 3 games over.

What’s your team name backs into a 7-point win vs. a no-show Pin Splitters. Ryan Goodman’s 50-over 202 paves the way.

Finger Poppin edges Wu Tang Forever 4-3. The Garges brothers fire a 196 and 202 in Games 1 and 3 to carry the team. Jonny P. hurls a 675.

PPB keeps on keepin’ on with a 5-2 win over Suds. Pat Foulke tosses 3 games over.

The Nines rebound in a big way with a 7-0 beat down of Dookie Brewsters. Jake Wade (549) and Dave Ward (629) each throw 3 games over.

Week 9

Suds puts the kibosh on Dookie Brewsters as Jeff Overberger fires a 267. Julie Morris’ 3 games over seals the deal for Suds. Kaitlyn O’Toole’s 43-over 184 not enough for DB.

Finger Poppin gets past Pocket Pounders 5-2.

The Incredibowls continue their winning ways with a 7-zip shutout of a shorthanded What’s Your Team Name. Justin Haines once again carries the team.

PPB tops Pin Splitters 5-2 with the help of Bob Kolecki 202.

Wu Tang Forever rebounds to take 5 from The Nines on the arm of Brian Peterman and his 69-over 227.


Wu Tang Forever and Finger Poppin atop the American with WTF a 6-point edge for the top spot. Pocket Pounder and The Nines will have to do more in the weeks ahead.

Seven points separate the top 4 in the National. What’s Your Team Name carries a 1 point edge over Suds and PPB. The Incredibowls are in the hunt only 6 back of 2nd place.

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