Bowling Etiquette

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Bowling Etiquette

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Each and every sport has a list of unwritten rules and sport etiquette that make playing the game safer and more fun for everyone. Most say it's common sense, but that sense ain't so common. Please adhere to the following common courtesies when bowling...

~ Remove your street shoes at a place not near the bowling lane surface, particularly if they are wet. Water and bowling shoes do not mix very well. Trying to bowl with a shoe that has water on the sole will cause you to stop short on release and possibly fall. Please be careful for all concerned.

~ Be on time and be ready to bowl when it's your turn. If both teams are ready except for 1 or 2 late individuals, please begin on time. Your late bowlers have 5 frames to catch up.

~ If you are going to be absent please contact your team captain to inform him/her. They may want to find/use a substitute for you.

~ When two bowlers step onto the approach at the same time, the bowler on the left hand lane should step to the back until the bowler on the right hand lane has delivered. At that point the left hand lane can make their address and delivery while the right hand lane steps back. This is to allow each bowler to concentrate without being distracted.

~ Please do not use another bowler's bowling ball without their expressed permission. If you don't have your own ball, house balls are available.

~ Let's please be just a little considerate of the league bowling ahead of ours. Some of the geezers from that league have already started to complain that we are pushing their 'slow-to-get-off-the-lanes' azzes out of the way... which we are because they move like molasses in January. Be that as it may, if they are actually bowling, please try not to distract them.
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