Sunday Evening Bowling 2018/19

Softball America Off-Season Bowling League
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Sunday Evening Bowling 2018/19

Post by sixofdiamonds » Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:20 am

Sunday Evening Bowling is right around the corner. Bowling in the softball off-season is a great way to lessen the grip of cabin fever and shorten the effect of the winter blues. Softball America will once again shift gears to Bowling America on the 25th of November by offering a full slate of fun and competitive weekly bowling.

Don't say no to this because you're not a good bowler. Everyone can bowl and everyone can compete here. Regardless of your bowling ability, our bowling handicap process gives each and every bowler, hence each and every team, an opportunity to compete. Any team can win the league title and any bowler can win seasonal and/or individual cash prizes. With 4 conferences, most of the competitive action goes right down to the wire. And… you don't have to be a member of Softball America to join Bowling America. Grab 2 others, form a team and sign up.

Returning full and partial teams will have entry seniority over new teams. We can go with up to 32 teams.


All teams will consist of 3 bowlers. There are no gender restrictions. If a bowler has a current established average it will be used. Individuals without established averages will have one formulated after Week 1 of bowling. A 90% handicap format will be used. Team handicaps are established by taking the difference of the competing team's averages. If Team A averages 125 and Team B averages 175, Team A will receive a handicap of 45 pins (90% of [175 -125]).


Week 1 - Sunday, November 25, 2018
Week 15 - Sunday, March 24, 2018
No Bowling December 30th
No Bowling on Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd

Competition will be held every Sunday evening beginning November 25, 2018. Bowling will begin at 8:30 pm. A no-cost exhibition will be help on Sunday November 18th. This is a free week of bowling where you and your team can come out and get a feel for things before the season begins.


Thunderbird Lanes Street Road, Warminster, PA - (appx. 5 miles down the road from the ball field)


$13.00* per person (collected weekly) to cover 3 games per week. *Thunderbird Lanes has raised the bowling fee $1.00. You will pay for only the games you bowl. No bowl, no pay. Remember, unlike most leagues, you do not have to pay for bowling if you do not bowl. If your team is short -handed or a member cannot attend on a given Sunday, the unavailable member, or the entire team for that matter, can pre-bowl during the week. As well, a pool of approved substitute bowlers will be made available if a team is in need.

Each team's league fee envelope will be placed on the table by the scoring pedestal at the lanes you are assigned each week. Each team's league fee envelope MUST be filled ($13.00 for each bowler) and handed in at the front desk BEFORE the team's 2nd game. Failure to remit your team's league fee will result in your lane pair being shut down for game 2. Please double check the amount in each envelope. If a teammate is not present, please place the appropriate mark in the appropriate box on the inside flap of the league fee envelope. Please do not 'carry' league fees from week to week. If you are a little short, please borrow from a teammate or 2.

It is a fun time.


If you are interested in either captaining a team or joining as a free agent bowler, please notify the league office as soon as possible. If you are registering a team, please fill out the full team form located here… ... wling.html

If you are registering as a free agent, please fill out the free agent form located here… ... owler.html

If you have difficulty with either of the aforementioned forms, you can reply to this email or call the game line (215-822-8777) and leave a message for the league office (press option 9). If emailing or calling about entering a full team, please supply the following info…

1. Team name (if you have one yet)
2. Name of team captain
3. Team captain phone number
4. Names of other team members

If emailing or calling about entering as a free agent, please supply the following info…

1. Name
2. City, State, Zip Code
3. Home Phone
4. Work Phone
5. Email Address
6. Gender - Male/Female
7. Estimated Bowling Average
8. Comments - Remarks about yourself can give a team captain a better idea of you as a person. If you care to comment, do so.

The deadline to register is Sunday, October 28, 2018. It will be as it has been… a lot of fun. Step up and join now!

Previous League Champs

2017/18 - Pocket Pounders
Lisa Carrigan
Valerie Passanante
Mike Zintner

2016/17 - No Name
Chris Hackney
Phil Gallone
Dennis Storti

2015/2016 - Mixed Nutz
Mike Adelman
Jeff Guilian
Mike Snowman

2014/2015 - No Name
Dave Cowan
Todd Gower
Dennis Storti

2013/2014 - That's What She Said
Christine Razzi
Fern Feinberg
Chris Harrison

2012/2013 - Livin' on a Spare
Derrick Croak
Mike Ray
Dave Herbert

2011/2012 - That's What She Said
Christine Razzi
Fern Feinberg
Chris Harrison

2010/2011 - DHs
Tom Zintner
Kevin Fogerty
Jim Saiber

2009/2010 - Team Z
Scott Lyons
Rob McClard
Ron Zaberer

2008/2009 - Pinup Girls
Dana Ciavardone
Dana Nase
Brooke Nase

2007/2008 - Team Hooven
Lora Hooven
Kelly Neill
Mike Hagan

2006/2007 - PTA
Denise Fredrick
Jess Marsh
Matt McReynolds

2005/2006 - Nine Ballers
Andy Smallman
Rich Server
Mike Hagan

2004/2005 - F Glen
Chanelle Lyons
Glen Hipple
Ed Doyle III
Dan McGlynn

2003/2004 - Who's Your Daddy
Kelly Neill
Steph Garrett
Joanne Greenstein
Les Greenstein

2002/2003 - Chicks And Seaman
Joan Glass
Maria Cecere
Mark Bernacki
Neal Britton

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Re: Sunday Evening Bowling 2018/19

Post by sixofdiamonds » Wed Nov 07, 2018 7:08 am

Opening Day for off-season bowling might just get here before the off season actually begins. Opening Day is Sunday, November 25th. We have a confirmed free day of exhibition bowling the Sunday prior, November 18th. Exhibition bowling is simply a pre-season freebie courtesy of Thunderbird Lanes. Bring your team or bowl by yourself. Come out, have a few beers, get accustomed to the lanes, and enjoy. No cost to you or your teammates.

Teams confirmed thus far...


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Re: Sunday Evening Bowling 2018/19

Post by sixofdiamonds » Sat Nov 10, 2018 7:41 am

Opening Day for off-season bowling is November 25th. There is a pre-season week of free bowling courtesy of Thunderbird Lanes on November 18th. Come out, bowl 3 games and get used to the atmosphere- all at no cost.

At this point there are 24 teams with a few still in limbo. There will be no bowling on December 30th (Christmas/New Years) or February 3rd (Super Bowl). Bowling dues must be brought to the front desk each week before bowling begins. A league dues envelope will be present on your lane table when you arrive. Thunderbird Lanes has raised our bowling dues this year $1.00 ($12.00 to $13.00).

If there is a bowler on your team that is new to the league and has an established average, please send it to me ASAP. A new bowler without an established average will bowl the first week to establish one. If your team has or is bowling against a new bowler, the scoring machine will not be able to process the handicaps during your games so the game won/lost results may not be accurate. We won’t know what the new bowler’s average/handicap is until after 3 games are bowled which means we won’t know the actual results of the 3-game set until weekly stats are posted on the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

League rules are located here… ... grules.pdf

If you find yourself in need of a sub, there is a sub list located here…

Who should pay for the sub?
If a team chooses to avoid using a blind bowler (absent bowler's handicap -10 pins) by employing the use of a sub, either the absent bowler should foot the bill for the sub or the team should chip in and pay the sub's bowling dues. If, after paying for the sub bowler, the sub bowler craps the bed and loses 3 games for the team, well... the team can file a grievance and take it to Judge Judy. Typically, the sub bowler does not pay for the subbed games.

Softball America’s off-season bowling league is not sanctioned in any way. It’s a bowl for fun league and we abide by our own rules and regulations. Unlike most leagues, if you can’t make it to bowling one week, you do not have to pay. No bowl, no pay. Year-end cash prizes are based on total bowling attendance at the end of the bowling season.

Joe DeSousa will be the league director in attendance. If you have any questions or issues, Joe bowls for Suds (Team #13). Thankfully, we won’t have to worry about rainouts. However, in the event of snow, you can call the Game Line (215-822-8777). Any cancellations will be announced at the main greeting (no numbers to press). If the games are cancelled, you will hear it at the opening announcement.

Have a great off-season!

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Re: Sunday Evening Bowling 2018/19

Post by sixofdiamonds » Sun Nov 18, 2018 8:11 am

Opening Day for Off-Season bowling is slated for November 25th. The league schedule has been posted online. You can access the schedule on the main page of the Bowling America website or click here... ... hedule.htm

Tonight, November 18th is a free night of bowling (3 games) for league bowlers to get accustomed to the league and the lanes.

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Re: Sunday Evening Bowling 2018/19

Post by Joestheman » Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:50 am

It was good to see everyone last night, decent turn out. I want to address some misinformation going around last night. We were initially told our league starting time this year would be pushed back to 9:00 due to "issues" with the league bowling ahead of us. This was disturbing to many, hearing this for the first time last night. I discussed this with the desk, my main question being "what issues?" To the best of my knowledge, we'd wait until the earlier league was done, then take our place and bowl. I can only guess, but our sheer numbers were probably somewhat intimidating. After some discussion and a phone call or two, It's been decided our start time will remain the same as previous years, 8:30. With our league being a bit smaller this year than last, the direct overlap should be minimal. PLEASE be respectful of the league ahead of us. It's a small building. Give them room to finish and pack up their equipment before we swoop in. Good luck all.

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Re: Sunday Evening Bowling 2018/19

Post by sixofdiamonds » Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:16 am

Way to stand your ground, Joe. I had not heard anything about a 9:00 pm start time for this year. That would not have been acceptable to me under any circumstances.

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