From The Gutter / Week 2

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From The Gutter / Week 2

Post by sixofdiamonds » Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:36 pm

Week 2 Recap...
Averages adjust in Week 3. Not sure if the league is interested in having a Christmas party, but if you do want to have one, someone will have to step up and lead the way. If not, that’s OK too.

Worthington and Sons capture 5 from Pocket Pounders on a whopping 130-over 730 series and a pair of 250+ games by Bob W. A 41-over 139 from Valerie Passanante saves 2 for the Pounders.

Shut* up and Roll’s Kevin Fink and Bill Geary each bowl 3 games over to take 5 of 7 from Tom’s Lawn Service. Tom Worthington’s 47-pver 223 helps TLS takes the final game. *Oops, my bad, my apology. The u and i are very close to one another on the keyboard :oops:

Bowling 7 of 9 games over average paces Mind in the Gutter to a 5-2 over No Name. The 3 D’s from No Name stepped up in Game 3 to save the 2-point play.

Little Lebowski edges past Gang Green 4-3 on a 675 from Greg O’Brien. Chris Hackney’s 74-over gives GG 2 points in G2 and total pins.

Carl Motts, III hurls a 64-over 225 to pace PC Squared to a 5-2 win. Jeff Giulian carves out a nice 57-over 247 to give Mixed Nutz the nod in Game 3.

Matt Burns’ 238 and Greg McCleary’s 3 games over propel The Bowling Stones to a 7-point whitewash of The Aristocats.

With 8 of 9 games over average, Straight Shooters hit the mark with a 7-point shellacking of Glory Bowl. The Shooters are perched atop the South with a perfect 14-0.

In the battle of acronyms, PPB tossed 7 of 9 over average while JGB tossed 8 of 9 under average. That will almost always translate to a 7-point beat down.

Gutter Humiliation takes the whole kit and caboodle from 10 Pin Commandments on 7 of 9 over average games. 10 Pin Commandments have yet to find their best stride. Actually, they have yet to find any stride.

Tough sledding in the early going for the Split Heads as Finger Poppin takes the 7-point enchilada.

Hill and Dale’s 187, My Cousin Vinny’s 212, and Weekend at Bernie’s 257 was enough for a 5-2 win over a shorthanded Incredibowls.

Wu-Tang Forever took advantage of the Eagle maniacal no-show Dirtballs to the tune of a 7-point win. Bryan P, John P., and Sean P. combined for 8 games over average.

That’s What She Said had a chance to take advantage of the Eagle maniacal no-show Beers N Balls, but could only come away with 2 points. A 40 and 37-over game by Christine and Fern in Game 1 looked promising. Things went downhill from there.

Bill Shallcross’ 3 games over gives JPH the 5-2 win over shorthanded Suds. Jeff O’s 253 not enough for a win in G1.

Pin Splitters top Pete Rose on 16 5-2. Mediocre bowling was the norm on both sides of the ball return.

Keep Stewart Smith away from water. He is on fire! Another 3 games over average for SS – leading The Nines to another 7-point win and sole possession of 1st in the West (14-0).

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