From The Gutter / Week 5

Softball America Off-Season Bowling League
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From The Gutter / Week 5

Post by sixofdiamonds » Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:27 am

Bowling action returns after a 2 week holiday sabbatical.

Mixed Nutz taking 5 of 7 from a no show Tom’s Lawn Service. Mike Snowman ices the 3 blinds with a 731. Mike Adelman chips in with a 250.

Beers N Balls show some life signs with a 5-2 win over Pete Rose Hits on 16. Lora Johnson and Glen Hipple each toss 3 games over.

The Worthingtons best Shut Up and Roll 5-2 with 7 of 9 200+ games.

Split Heads step up and take 5 from Gutter Humiliation. Kris Smedley hurls a 53-over 196.

PPB edges past Little Lebowski as Bob Kolecki fires a 174-over average 3 game series.

Split Happens knocks JPH off their East perch with a 5-2 win on Vinny’s 67-over 244.

With only 1 bowler in attendance in this match-up, Pocket Pounders (Valerie Passanante) take advantage of a Gang Green no-show – taking 5 of 7.

Pin Splitters now rule the East roost with a 7-0 beat down of The Incredibowls. Kevin Dulany hurls 3 games over.

PC Squared 5-2 over Straight Shooters as Carls Jr. and III each fire 3 games over.

That’s What She Said digs out of the basement with a 4-3 win over Finger Poppin. Scott Lyons tosses 3 games over average.

JGB makes a bold move to the top of the North with a 7-0 white wash of The Bowling Stones. JGB rolled 8 of 9 games over average featuring a 56-over 219 by Greg Lesher.

James Hampshire’s 3 games over leads Big Heads to a 7-0 pounding of Suds.

Glory Bowl tops No Name 5-2 on Alex Elmore’s 3 games over.

The Nines just keep on keepin’ on. Dave Ward’s 65-over 245 paces The 9s to the 7-point win over Wu-Tang Forever and the best record league wide 31-4.

The Aristocats finally show with a full team and take the full 7 from a no-show Minds in the Gutter. Alex Lilly 3 games over.

In an exercise in futility, the Dirtballs beat out 10-Pin Commandments 5-2. Lauren Wood rolls 3 games over.

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