From The Gutter / Week 6

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From The Gutter / Week 6

Post by sixofdiamonds » Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:22 am

The Dirtballs ride the arm of Rob Johnson to a 5 point win over The Incredibowls. RJ tossed a 246 in G1, a 224 in G2, and a 120 in G3? How is that possible? I guess the 7th pitcher kicked in.

Gutter Humiliation edges past JPH 4-3 on Nick Chiaverini’s 3 games over. Brian Penecale’s 71-over 226 saves 2 for JPH.

High Flying Pin Splitters get shot down by 10 Pin Commandments 7-zip. Lauren Wood carried the Commandments with 3 games over.

Pete Rose on 16 closes the gap on The Nines with a 5-2 win.

Big Heads tops Finger Poppin 4-3 on James Hampshire’s 194 and 177. A 45-over by Ryan Garges helps net 3 for the Poppers.

In the battle of the Splits, Heads tops Happens 5-2. Ron Pulli’s 3 games over led the charge.

Wu-Tang Forever cannot muster up a point against a no-show Beers N Balls.

Suds upward bound with a 7-point win over That’s What She Said in spite of Scott Lyon’s 3 games over.

Gang Green tops No Name 5-2, with 2 games decided by 1 point.

The Worthingtons take 5 of 7 from The Aristocats. A 681 and 648 by Bob and Rob help seal the deal.

Glory Bowl bests a shorthanded Pocket Pounders 5-2. Alex Elmore tosses a 43-over in G2.

PPB inches closer to front runner Straight Shooters with a 5-2 win. Bob Kolecki bowls lights out once again, tossing a pair of deuces in a 3 game over effort.

JGB makes short work of a no show Tom’s Lawn Service. JGB tossed 8 of 9 over average.

Bill Geary’s 45-over leads Shut Up and Roll to a 5 point win over Minds in the Gutter. Tom Mac’s 61-over G3 saves the 2 pointer for MITG.

Little Lebowski puts the kibosh on PC Squared with a 7-point beat down.

Jason Stagliano’s 3 games over including a 46-over 201 give The Bowling Stones a convincing win over Mixed Nutz.

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