From The Gutter / Week 7

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From The Gutter / Week 7

Post by sixofdiamonds » Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:34 am

As we approach the midway point of the season, division leading teams will need to continue their winning ways. Teams chasing the leaders will have to step up to the foul line and make something happen.

3 games over by John Zeits propels JGB to a 5-2 win over PC Squared. A pair or 200s by Motts 3 saves the 2-pointer for PC. JGB maintains a clear lead in the West.

Little Lebowski takes 5 of 7 and loses ground in the South. Glory Bowl still in the North mix.

PPB takes 5 from a no-show Mixed Nutz and also loses ground in the South. Mixed Nutz has yet to find their best stride.

With a 7-point win, The Aristocats move up 4 spots in the North. Matt Nixon carves out a 629 to pace the ‘Cats.

Pocket Pounders making a nice move in the South with a 7-point win over a no-show Minds in the Gutter.

Straight Shooters hit the bull’s eye once again with a 7-point beat down of Gang Green. Dan Geiger bowled lights out, tossing a 3-games-over 563. SS increase their lead in the South to 3.

Shut Up and Roll is right in the North think of things as they take 4 vs. The Bowling Stones. Joe Frederick fired a 74-over 266 and a 42-over 234 for SUaR. An 86-over 246 by Jason Stagliano and 51-over by Greg McCleary saves the 3-point play. The Bowling Stones are not far out of it in the North.

No Name manages to grab 5 from Worthington and Sons. The Worthingtons are only a stone’s throw from the South mountain top.

Big Heads flexes muscle in the East, taking 7 from Beers N Balls on Bill Brancato’s 81-over 189 and Billy C’s 73-over 206.

Pin Splitters remain atop the East with a 5-2 win over Wu-Tang Forever. Wu-Tang needs to reverse their recent downward trend.

The Nines ham and egg it for a 5 point win over That’s What She Said to bolster clear lead in the West.

JPH takes 5 from Finger Poppin on a 65-over 223 from Brian Penecale to maintain a share of the East lead.

10 Pin Commandments working their way up the West totem pole with a 5 point win over Split Happens. Big John hurls 3 games over.

Jim McDonald’s 3 games over paces Pete Rose Hits on 16 to a 5-2 win over the Dirtballs. RJs 611 helps save 2 for the Dust Bunnies.

Suds lathers up a much needed 7 point win vs. Split Heads to remain in West contention.

The Incredibowls edge past Gutter Humiliation 4-3 as Jack Winter explodes with a 113-over 3 game series. Both teams have work to do to make a run in their respective divisions.

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