From The Gutter / Week 8

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From The Gutter / Week 8

Post by sixofdiamonds » Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:49 pm

No bowling this Sunday as the planet gets ready for the Super Bowl. I am not one, but I wish good luck to Eagles fans. I am not a football betting man, but if I were I would bet the Eagles. This team reminds me a lot of the ’07 and ’11 NY Giants. Against all odds.

Suds making a move as they reach the 500 mark in the East with a 5-2 win over a shorthanded Dirtballs.

Gutter Humiliation remains in West contention, earning an easy 5 from an absent Beer N Balls.

10 Pin Commandments goes off on Split Heads, taking 7. Erbie goes ballistic with 3 games over including a 231. 10PC climbing the West ladder. Split Heads need to drink more beer.

Pete Rose Hits on 16 tops a floundering That’s What She Said 5-2 as they close the gap on The Nines. Nick W. hurls a pair of 200s.TWSS needs to drink more beer.

Finger Poppin (little Garges) showing signs of life as they take 5 of 7 from Pin Splitters (big Garges). PS within 5 of the East lead. FP back only 2 week’s worth of points in the West.

Big Heads tops WuTang Forever, making noise in the East with a 2nd straight 7-point sweep. Now only 5 back of JPH. James H. hurls 3 games over. Wu-Tang is reeling a bit. They may need to drink more beer.

The Nines stumbling just a bit as Split Happens takes 5.

JPH takes clear East lead with a 7-0 whitewash of a shorthanded Incredibowls. The Incredibowls need to make some hay to stay in East contention.

The Bowling Stones top a shorthanded Gang Green 5-2 to go over the 500 mark and move to within 2 week’s worth of the South lead. Jose’s 3 games over helps save the 2-pointer for GG. Jason Stag and Matt B. each toss a 226.

PC Squared stays close to North apex with a 6-1 win over Worthington & Sons. The Worthingtons are mid-pack in the South.

Pocket Pounders remain close in the South with a 5-point win over a shorthanded Shut Up and Roll. SUaR right there in the North.

Straight Shooters hit the bull’s eye once again with a 7-point pasting of Mixed Nutz. SS sports the best record in the league with only 14 losses. Mixed Nutz needs to drink more beer.

Glory Bowl tops a no-show Tom’s Lawn Service 5-2 on the strength of Jamie Richards’ 3 games over. GB resides in 4th in the North, only a stone’s throw from the top.

Little Lebowski empties a can of whoop-ass on North leading JGB. LLUA pressuring Straight Shooters for South lead.

PPB makes upward move in the South with a 7-point win over a no-show Minds in the Gutter. Bob Kolecki is like butter. The man is on a roll. MITG needs to show up and when they do show up, they need to drink more beer.

The Aristocats overcome a slow start to move to mid-pack in the North as they take 5 of 7 from a shorthanded No Name. If they don’t start winning soon, No Name may need to drink more beer.

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