From The Gutter / Week 9

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From The Gutter / Week 9

Post by sixofdiamonds » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:20 am

There are 4 weeks left in the regular season. With 28 points still up for grabs, only 2 of the 32 teams have been mathematically eliminated.

JPH heads the East pack. Pin Splitters are only 5 points back of JPH. Big Heads now 8 back after JPH 5-2 win. Split Happens 9 back. The Incredibowls, Dirtballs, and Split Heads will need divine intervention. Beers ‘N Balls will be looking forward to Bowling for Dollars.

The Nines not only have the best record in the West, they sport the best record league wide (45-18). In spite of that, they only hold a 6 point lead on the red-hot 10 Pin Commandments. Pete Rose is 11 back. Finger Poppin’ is 12. Suds 13 back. Wu-Tang Forever will need a few prayers answered. That’s What She Said has a better chance of hitting the Powerball Lottery.

JGB Inc. and Shut Up and Roll share the North lead. PC Squared is only 1 back. The Aristocats and Glory Bowl are within a week’s worth of points. No Name, Gang Green, and Minds in the Gutter needs some really good things to happen in a hurry.

The top 6 teams are within 9 points of the lead in the contentious South. Straight Shooters and Pocket Pounders share 1st. Little Lebowski and PPB sit 3 back. Worthington and Sons are 6 back. The Bowling Stones are 7 back. Mixed Nuts are long odds. Tom’s Lawn Service never got out of the gate.

Week 9 High and Lowlights

Curt Hensman awakes from a season long slump to toss a 645. Bob Worthington unleashes a 730 series. Little Lebowski cannot muster up a single point vs. a no show No Name. Kevin Finn fires a 59-over 224.Bryan Peterman hurls a 64 and 71 over average. Carl, Jr. tosses a 59-over 218. Dirtballs are still working through Super Bowl hangovers.

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