From The Gutter / Week 10

Softball America Off-Season Bowling League
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From The Gutter / Week 10

Post by sixofdiamonds » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:26 am

Shut Up and Roll edges past PC Squared 4-3 on Joe Frederick’s 604. Both are chasing JGB Inc.

Pin Splitters take 5 to edge closer to East leader JPH.

PPB keeps pace with South leaders, taking 7 on Paul Harvan’s 3 games over.

A solid 7-point win gives Suds some hope in the West.

Worthington & Sons takes 4 of 7 from Little Lebowksi to stay within earshot of the South lead.

Big Heads inches closer to JPH with a 5-2 win. Billy C. hurls 3 games over.

Pocket Pounders take advantage of a no-show to grab 7 and keep pace with the Straight Shooters.

In the consolation match of the night, Beers and Balls empties a can of ‘Whoop-Ass’ on the Split Heads. Adam Lightkep tosses 3 over.

Mixed Nuts tops Glory Bowl 5-2. Both are looking forward to ‘Bowling for Dollars’.

The Nines hand JPH a 5-2 loss. Their 10 point lead in the West is looking good thus far.

No Name no show. The Bowling Stones take advantage along with all 7. Jason Stag 3 games over. TBS only 8 back in the South.

Big rebound for Wu-Tang Forever as they snatch a 7-spot from Gutter Humiliation. Bryan, John, and Sean all had big nights.

Gang Green was Gang Gone. JGB makes them pay with a 7 point win.

Finger Poppin pops the finger at 10 Pin Commandments to the tune of a 7 point beat down. 10 Pin falls back. FP only 10 back of The Nines.

Straight Shooters take the full 7 from no-show Minds in the Gutter on Dan Geiger’s 3 games over and 203. South Division is a dog fight.

Pete Rose stays in contact with The Nines, taking 5 of 7. Nick Todd hurls 3 games over.

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