4.15.18 - B-West

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4.15.18 - B-West

Post by tommyC » Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:23 pm

Week two of the Sunday season was pretty miserable. Cold, windy, and rainy. But, the game were played and the results will count all the same.

Game 1 – Backdoor Sliders (0-2) @ Isotopes (0-1)
Two winless teams were duking it out for their first win…and early on, they looked like two winless teams, with just one hit between them through three innings of play. The Isotopes opened the scoring in the bottom of the fourth as Howard Miller doubled, knocking in Jayson Banks. The Sliders picked up a run in each the fifth and sixth thanks to some plate discipline, taking a 2-1 lead into the seventh.
In the top half of the seventh, the Sliders added some insurance runs, with Brian Hughes kicking things off with a double. In the bottom half, the Isotopes finally strung together some offense, using 3 singles and a clutch sac fly from Scott Kotcamp to tie the score at 4.
The game headed to extras, and the Sliders knocked in the courtesy runner instantly on an RBI single from John Padegglio. In the bottom half, the Isotopes managed to load the bases with just one out before Howard Miller sacrificed himself to tie the game…but Justin Berry K’d to end the game.
The two winless teams remained winless after this pitcher’s duel.
Final Score: Backdoor Sliders 5 (0-2-1) Isotopes 5 (0-1-1)
Player of the Game – Brian Hughes led the way for the Sliders, going 3 for 5 with 2 doubles and a Run Scored.

Game 2 – Isotopes (0-1-1) @ Jackhammers (1-0)
The Isotopes were hoping to rebound after a disappointing game on this miserable morning, but just like their first game, this one got off to a slow start, as neither team scored through two innings. In the third, the Isotopes finally got the offense going. Dave Ray kicked things off with a one-out double. Howard Miller would later provide an RBI double, knocking in the second run of the 4-run inning.
The Jackhammers got one back in the bottom of the third and the Isotopes went down in order in the fourth. This is when the Jackhammers finally put it together. A healthy mix of walks, errors, and singles did the heavy lifting, and Vince Morgan chipped in with an RBI double in this 6-run inning.
The Jackhammers held a 7-4 lead in the sixth when Justin Berry triple to lead things off for the Isotopes. He’d score one play later, but that would be all she wrote. The Jackhammers hung on to the narrow victory.
Final Score: Jackhammers 7 (2-0) Isotopes 5 (0-2-1)
Player of the Game – Vince Morgan went 2 for 3 for the Jackhammers with a double, an RBI and a Run Scored.

Game 3 – Hambinos (1-0) @ Mud Dogs (1-0)
The Hambinos had the bats working early, piling up 4 singles in the first, but it only yielded 1 run. In the bottom half, the Mud Dogs also had 4 singles, plus a Jason Figueroa double, and netted 2 runs for the early lead.
After a quiet second, it was the Mud Dogs in the third who made some noise. Matt Figueroa kicked the inning off with a triple, scoring on the Bob Daniels RBI single. Matt Malloy then doubled before Sam Matos knocked them both in on his 2-RBI single. 3 runs scored, giving the Dogs a 5-1 lead.
The Hambinos punched back with 4 runs of their own in the fourth, with Mark Peasley leading the way with his RBI double. An inning later, it was the Mud Dogs turn. Matt Figueroa again kicked things off with a triple, and it was a singles parade after that, en route to a 5-run inning and a 10-5 Dogs lead.
Nick Hellar tripled to lead off the sixth for the Hambinos and Tony Stevens doubled as they narrowed the gap to two. In the seven, down by 3, the Hambinos attempted the comeback. They managed to load the bases, but only scored 1, failing to complete the rally.
Final Score: Mud Dogs 11 (2-0) Hambinos 9 (1-1)
Player of the Game – Matt Figueroa went 3 for 4 with 2 triples and 2 Runs Scored.

Game 4 - Randazzos (0-1) @ MaGerks (1-1)
It was all MaGerks early. B2B doubles from Brian Hilbert and Ryan Bell contributed to a 3-run first and a 3-RBI double from Rich Houser assisted in the 3-run second. MaGerks got one more in the third, giving them a 7-0 lead before Randazzos woke up.
Singles and walks were the name of the game for Randazzos in the fifth, as 10 players reached base safely, including Peter Carrigan with his 2-RBI single. 8 runners crossed the dish as Randazzos claimed their first lead of the game. It was short-lived, though, as MaGerks put up 7 of their own in the bottom half. More singles and walks paved the way. 8 runners reached first via single or walk, and Rich Houser added a 2-RBi triple for good measure, giving MaGerks the 14-8 lead.
Randazzos got 2 back in the sixth, but MaGerks neutralized those with 2 of their own. Looking to rally from 6-behind, Randazzos loaded the bases with no outs, but could only score 1, falling well short.
Final Score: MaGerks 16 (2-1) Randazzos 11 (0-2)
Player of the Game – MaGerks’ Rich Houser went 3 for 3 plus a sac fly including a double, triple, 6 RBIs and a Run Scored.

Game 5 – Baron Von Fritz (2-0) @ Hattricks (0-1)
Baron flexed their offensive muscles early, using 9 singles and walks to score 7, including a 2-RBI single from Dan Keith. Hatricks got 5 back in the bottle, also going the single/walk route with 7-single-baggers of their own, including a 2-RBI single from Pat O’Leary.
Down 8-5 in the third, Hattricks’ Josh Graef led things off with a solo homer before Basil Papanikolopoulos doubled and later scored, closing the gap to 8-7.
Baron responded with a big fourth, led by a 2-RBI triple from Jason Colfer and later a double from Ryan Garner. 7 runners scored in all, giving Baron the 15-7 lead.
Baron added some insurance runs as the game came to a close. In the sixth, Ryan Garner singles, scoring on a Gary Brown RBI double. After a sac fly, Steve Hausman put the exclamation point on the game with a solo homer, nudging the score to 19-7. In the bottom half, the Hattricks attempt at a comeback was short-lived. 3 singles yielded 2 runs, but the rally ended there.
Final Score: Baron Von Fritz 19 (3-0) Hattricks 9 (0-2)
Player of the Game – Jason Colfer went 3 for 5 with a triple, 3 RBIs and 2 Runs Scored in a winning effort for Baron.

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