B North 4/15

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B North 4/15

Post by Jmill1734 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:45 pm

Twas a cold day but a great day for hitting as the winds blew many a ball into the open fields, and down the sloped outfield of Lukens Park and CB West.

Game 1: Yankee Clippers v One Hit Wonders

The Yankee Clippers got the scoreboard moving early as they are able to plate two runs in the first off of a John Bennett triple. Continuing to post runs on the worn out scoreboard, the YCs hammered home seven in the 2nd inning, emphasized by an Andre O’Donnell Grand Slam and a three run tater from Brian Maguire. The Yankee Clippers would have another big inning in the 5th as Nick Wasekanes slammed a three run bomb, helping to plate four runs in the inning. Capping the day, Kai Browner slugged an RBI double for the YCs in the top of the 6th.
Playing small ball, the OHWs got a solid four spot in the bottom of the 1st as they would use four singles and three walks to clear the bases. In the 3rd, the OHWs would bat around, scoring 6 runs via singles and back to back doubles from Bill Groff and Jack Stepnowski. Solo bombs by Andy Springer and Mike Trivino and a two RBI triple from Mike Harrington helped the Wonder boys score four additional runs in the bottom of the 4th. Continuing the torrid scoring pace, the OHWs as a Colby Schoeller two run bomb and a double from Andy Springer would help plate three in the inning. Springer would follow up on his hot hitting day, notching a two RBI triple in the bottom of the 6th which would effectively end the game with a W.

Final Score: 19-14 One Hit Wonders

Game 2: Snipers v Insurance Runs:

The Snipers got the action started in the top of the 1st as Chris Fitzgerald, Dave Shannon, and Keith Lawrence doubled, combining with a huge 2 run homer from Mike Z, to notch a solid 4-0 lead. They would throw up another 4 in the 2nd inning as walks, singles and a Dave Shannon 2 RBI triple, paced the scoring. A solo shot from John Delligotti and a single added two more to the scoring column in the 3rd. Dave Shannon started the 4th inning with a solo shot of his own and Keith Lawrence mashed a triple and scored, plating two more runs. Batting Around in the top of the 5th the Snipers ripped their way to 8 runs via a plethora of singles and doubles from Lawrence and Dellagotti.
The Insurance Runs slammed the yellow pill all over the yard as well. In the top of the 1st, new daddy Shane Hanna paced the offense as his double would help plate two runs. In the bottom of the 2nd the IR’s were able to plate five runs via the single, walks, and a sac fly. Down a bunch, the IRs would get back on the board in the 4th inning as a doubles from Hanna and Beatty would help score two. The 5th inning turned the tide of this game as the IR’s would pound the rock to the tune of ten runs in a bat around. While many players contributed to the bust out inning, the major blows came from two Shane Hanna 3 run homers, a two run shot from Keith Maduzia, and triples from Beatty and Freedman. In the bottom of the 6th, down a run, the IR’s bamboozled the Sniper defense, scoring 7 runs and batting around once again. Pacing the scoring was a three run homer from Seth Mattleman, a 2 run homer from Matt Freedman, a triple by Hanna, and a bunch of singles.

Final Score: IR’s 19 – Snipers 20

Game 3: Bulldogs V Ballz Deep

The Bulldogs fired out of the gates scoring 4 runs in the 1st via an RBI double from Paul Burtis and a 3 run bomb from Dave Nagle. An Anthony Bates solo shot got the dogs back on the board in the 3rd. Then things got a little cray. In a double bat around, the Bulldogs scored a ridiculous 15 runs in the 5th inning. Highlight the explosion of offense was a double and a homer from John Hogan, two doubles from Justin Z, a two run homer from Mike Suda, a double from Burtis, and a double from Eric Yaruk, combined with a whopping ten singles!
The Ballz Deep boys answered the bell in this one as they got off to a torrid start, plating 11 runs on singles, walks, and doubles from lean Gene, Tom Campbell, Justin Wilson, Sean Butrica, and a triple from Andrew Trout propelling the scoring train. In the 3rd inning, they would plate two more runs on three straight singles. Getting back into the scoring column in the 5th inning, the BD squad got a solid four runs off of walks, singles, and a monster three run homer from Jeff Judge.

Unfortunately it was a hung jury for the Ballz Deepers in the one as they fall 21-17

Game 4: Ballz Deep v Dark Horse

Ballz Deep got the scoring going early as they are able to push across 7 runs in the top of the 1st, sparked by a Gorman triple, Judge double, Trout triple and a bunch of singles. Justin Wilson helps navigate across three more runs in the 3rd for BDs as his triple would prove to be a decisive blow. Another 5th inning rally plated four more runs for Ballz Deep in the 5th inning as doubles from mean Gene and Jason Falcone paved the way.
Team Dark Horse, fired back as they would score one in the first on a Ryan Schock double. A bat around in the bottom of the 2nd would see the DH’s score a hefty 7 runs, on singles, walks, a double from Walker, a triple from Ferruzzi, and a two run blast from Harding. Walks and singles would help the DH boys score two runs in both the 3rd and 4th innings as well. In the 5th and final frame of the day, Dark Horse would do enough as they are able to score four, in large part thanks to a Tim Walker two run ding dong.

Final Score: DH 17- Ballz Deep 14.
Game 5: X-Phils v Dark Horse
The X-Phils struggles to get much going in this one. They were able to get two early runs as Will Eagles smashed a double and scored one batter later on a Brendan two RBI single. Besides the early inning fireworks, it was tough sledding as they would only be able to manage four baserunners the rest of the way.
Team Dark Horse, may just be the Dark Horses in the division this year. They would score 5 runs in the bottom of the 1st via walks, a double from Bill Jones, and a triple from Mike Montemaro. DH again would hammer away in the 2nd as they plate 4 additional runs by way of walks and singles. A seven run out-burst, blew down the doors and opened the floodgates in the bottom of the 3rd as walks and singles would once again prove to be the kiss of death for the XP defense. DH would cap off the day with 3 runs in the bottom of the 4th as two more walks and three singles would once again push runs across the plate.

Final score: DH 19 – XP 2

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