B North 4/22

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B North 4/22

Post by Jmill1734 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 10:49 am

B North 4/22
Hatfield week is like the Oprah of softball… and you get a homer and you get a homer and you get a flyout or infield pop up trying to hit a homer because you already used two in the first inning…

Game 1: Bulldogs v Dark Horse

The Bulldogs would strike first in the top of the first as John Hogan would lead off with a double and CC Witt cranked a three run homer to put them up 4-0. Dark Horse hammered back in the bottom half of the inning as they would push across 6 runs via singles, a double from Mike Montemoro and a rare Hatfield triple from Alex Amador. Two singles and John “Hulk” Hogan smashing his 2nd double of the game would help the Bulldogs score a run and cut the deficit in half. In the bottom of the 2nd, another rare Ryan Schock two RBI triple would help DH extend their lead. Not deterred, the Bulldogs hammered home two runs of their own in the 3rd via three singles and an error. The rest of this game belonged to the Dark Horses. They would manage four runs in the bottom of the 3rd on singles and walks, three runs in the 5th via a 3-run bomb from Paul Harding, and a whopping 9 runs in the bottom of the 6th by way of a plethora of singles, doubles from Harding and Bill Jones, and a two run homer from Mike Montemoro.

Final Score: DH 23 - Bulldogs 7

Game 2: X-Phils v Bulldogs

After a strong defensive inning, the Bulldogs proceeded to hammer away in the bottom of the first to the tune of 13 runs via singles, walks, a double from Shawn Dunn, triples from Anthony Bates and John Stover, and a three run banger from Anthony DePaul. Heading to the top of the 4th, the X-Phils got on the scoreboard, notching three runs on four singles a walk and an error.
A solo jack from Shawn Dunn would extend the Bulldogs lead in the bottom half of the inning. Singles and walks would once again propel the X-Phils offense in the 5th inning as the would score five runs to make it a 14-8 game. Both teams continued to battle in this one but that is all the scoring that we would see.

Final Score: Bulldogs 14- X-phils 8

Game 3: X-Phils v Ballz Deep

Defensive stalemates are not often words associated with games at Hatfield but when you have high level teams competing, anything can happen. We head to the top of the 3rd in this one, when the X-Phils would break through first via a Dave Nagle single and two errors to take a 1-0 lead. That lead would soon evaporate the Ballz Deep fired back with a two run bottom half of the inning led by two singles, an error and two fielder’s choices. The X-Phils regained the lead in the top of the 6th inning as Andy Ambructt doubld, and a combination of two singles and a sac fly would give them a 3-2 advantage. Heading to the bottom of the 7th, with the game on the line, Jeff Perrone started the inning off by a single and would score one batter later as Ralph kahler smoked a double. Following that up, an Andrew Trout single would make it first and third for Jason Falcone to play hero and knock in the winning run with an RBI single.

Final Score: Ballz Deep 4 - XPhils 3 on a walkoff.

Game 4: Insurance Runs v Yankee Clippers

The Yankee Clippers got the party started as they would score one in the bottom of the first as John Bennent scored Andre O’Donnell who had tripled. Insurance Runs would knot the score in the top of the 2nd as “not your average” Joe Rowan ripped an RBI double. Regaining the lead in the bottom half of the inning, the Yankee Clippers scored four runs via a single, an error, doubles from Mike O’Connor and Nick Todd, and a triple from Kai Browner. Unfortunately that was all the offense the Yankee Clippers could muster in this one as the rest of the game belonged to the insurance runs. In the top of the 5th, the Insurance Runs got a huge four runs to knot the score via 5 singles, a sac fly and a double from Brian Lenetti. They would take the lead in the top of the 6th via three more singles and a fielder’s choice.

Final Score: Insurance Runs 7 - Yankee Clippers 5

Game 5: Snipers v One Hit Wonders

The One Hit Wonders got off to a strong start as a good defensive effort was followed up by three runs on singles and a Jack Stepnowski two bagger. They would go on to extend their lead in the 2nd and the 3rd, each time by a single run, via a sac fly and an Andy Springer double. The Snipers chopped into the deficit in the top of the 4th as Chris Fitzgerald singled and scored on a Mike Zahrahnick double. Getting the run back in the bottom of the 6th, the One Hit Wonders would push another across via singles and an error. In a last ditch effort to make a dramatic comeback, the Snipers were able to score two runs in the top of the 7th on singles and a sac fly, but that was as close as they were able to get in this one,

Final score: OHWs 6 - Snipers 3

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