B-East | 4/15/2018

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B-East | 4/15/2018

Post by psugilly07 » Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:16 pm

Lukens III

Game 1: Amber Inn vs. Philly’s Phinest

Philly’s Phinest get on the board in the bottom of the first as Tony Summers roped a double to drive in a run. Amber Inn respond with five in the top of the second thanks to a double from Bryon McMaclin and a two run triple from Marc McKinney. Cory Carlen launches a solo homer to leadoff the top of the third, as Amber Inn add a run to their total. In the bottom of the frame, Philly’s Phinest plate three on a handful of singles and a double from Ed Rocks, cutting their deficit to two runs. Mike Rocks, Jr. rips an RBI triple in the bottom of the fourth to score on for PHilly’s Phinest. In the fifth, they keep rolling, pushing three runs across the dish and retaking the lead thanks to a few singles, a walk, and an error. They tack on two more in the bottom of the next frame, with triples from Mike Rocks, Jr. and Tony Summers, opening a four run lead heading into the final inning. Amber Inn get a leadoff triple from Cory Carlen, who scored the next at bat on a sacrifice, but that’s all they’d be able to muster. Philly’s Phinest put away Amber Inn 10-7.

Man of the Match: Tony Summers (3-4, 2 R, 2B, 3B, 3 RBI)

Game 2: Philly’s Phinest vs. Holding Hands with Hookers

Philly’s Phinest come out in the top of the first and plate four after a leadoff double from Keenan McLafferty. HHWH respond in the bottom of the first as Rocky Serrone cranked a two run dinger on the way to scoring three runs. In the top of the second, Philly’s Phinest increases their lead as Mike Rocks, Jr. doubles in a pair. Mike Repici provides the highlight with an RBI double for Philly’s Phinest as they score three and take a 9-3 lead. Hookers wake up in the bottom of the third and nearly bat around as they plate seven runs to take the lead with doubles from Gary Brooks and Brett Rumer, a triple from Joe Tulino, and a two run bomb from Miles Davis. In the bottom of the fourth. HHWH plate one to increase their lead to two. Philly’s Phinest get back to their scoring ways in the top of the fifth thanks to doubles from Mike Repici and Justin Scarinci and a two run base hit from John Quartullo. In the top of the sixth, they score three more with a double from Mike Rocks, Sr. and a two run poke from Ray Rocks. In the bottom of the sixth, Evan Gruber would reach base on an outfield error and would score, but that would be the last run that HHWH could come up with. Philly’s Phinest take out Holding Hands with Hookers 15-12.

Man of the Match: John Quartullo (3-3, R, 3 RBI)

Game 3: Holding Hands with Hookers vs. Dirty Dozen

HHWH jump out to an early lead in this one with four runs on three singles, a sac fly, and a double from Dan Curran. In the bottom of the first, Angelo Vitantonio smacks a three run big fly to score all three runs for Dirty Dozen. In the next frame, Dirty Dozen take the lead with two runs on doubles from James McHale, Kyle Landis, and Kyle Hutter. Dirty Dozen keep rolling in the bottom of the third, scoring six on a Jamie Glennon and triples from James McHale and Nick Vitelli. In the top of the fourth, Hookers get back on the board when Gary Brooks ripped an RBI double. Dirty Dozen add five more in the bottom of the inning as Nick Vitelli drove in a pair on a double and Todd Gibson pushed one across with a triple. In the top of the fifth, Jeff Sywulak launches a three run bomb to pump some life into HHWH. Constantine Georgiadis would triple and score in the bottom of the fifth for Dirty Dozen. The top of the sixth started with Gary Brooks doubling and he scored on a fielder’s choice as HHWH final run of the game. Dirty Dozen handle Holding Hands with Hookers 17-9.

Man of the Match: Nick Vitelli (3-4, R, 2B, 3B, 4 RBI)

Lukens I

Game 3: Billy Goats vs. The Tropics

Billy Goats take an early one run lead in the top of the first on back to back doubles from Jake Young and Kevin Vawter. In the bottom of the first, The Tropics answer back in excessive fashion. They send each man in their lineup to the plate three times, scoring a total of 25 runs on 3 errors, 5 walks, 13 singles, 2 doubles, triples from Rick Brauning and John Norman, a three run homer from John Norman, and two three run homers from Shawn Thome. Yeah...that’s all one inning. In the bottom of the second, they score four more on six singles and, in the third, tack on one more on a Jay Meikrantz double to take a ridiculous 29 run lead. With such a deep hole, Billy Goats make an admirable effort in the top of the fourth. Mat Mandel led off by cranking a solo homer, then they follow with a pair of run scoring singles from Mike Mauriello and Brian Ego, scoring three runs, but failing to avoid the mercy rule. The Tropics, nearly unstoppable, crush Billy Goats 30-4.

Man of the Match: John Norman (4-4, 3 R, 3B, HR, 6 RBI)

Game 4: Santucci’s vs. Misfits

Santucci’s jump out to a four run lead in the top of the first, highlighted by a Mike Washeleski double. Misfits respond in the bottom of the frame with a six run frame, seeing doubles from Walt Zolna and Rico Jones. In the top of the second, Joe Carpino rips a two run double and scores on a sac fly as Santucci’s add another three runs. In the top of the third, they plate five more including Joe Carpino launching a three run big fly. Misfits get back into the mix with four runs in the bottom of the third thanks to a double from Glen Davis. Tyler Dipietro led off with a triple and scored on a sac fly to score Santucci’s only run of the fourth. In the bottom, Glen Davis clears the bases with a triple as Misfits put up four and take a 14-13 lead. Misfits add three more in the bottom of the fifth with Walt Zolna and Joe Torres hitting back to back doubles. In the top of the sixth, Santucci’s get three more on a walk, a pair of singles, and doubles from Zach Victor and Tyler Dipietro. Misfits extend their lead in the bottom of the sixth with four runs as Zach Downs cleared the bases by launching a triple and scored. Down in the top of the seventh, Santucci’s are up to the task and bat around, getting a double from Joe Carpino, a triple from Mike Washeleski, and a Grand Slam from Tyler Dipietro to complete the cycle, scoring eight runs. Misfits, now down three in the last inning, get a few singles, a Jedd Castelli double, and a solo homer from Rico Jones as they score three and tie the game! This one was back and forth and, in the end, nothing could separate Santucci’s and Misfits who end up tied at 24.

Man of the Match: Tyler Dipietro (4-5, 4 R, 2B, 3B, GSHR, Cycle, 6 RBI)

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