B North 5/2

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B North 5/2

Post by Jmill1734 » Thu May 06, 2021 1:05 pm

5/2 B North

Crossover week! Some games will not be on this week’s article because they were crossover games so if you don’t see your game, be sure to check the A league writeup!

Game 1: Misfits v. One Hit Wonders

This Misfits continued their hot hitting from last week hammering home 12 runs over the first two innings and 17 for the game. During the first inning outburst, Zach Downs and Ty Allen both smoked 3 run homers and Jim Kash money lasered a triple. Tim Graf continued his outstanding start to the season going 4-4 and I do not believe he has recorded an out through 3 games! Chris Quinn also added his first homer of the season in the 4th inning, robbing Jimmy Cooker of Hatfield homerun glory as his homer in the same inning would not count for anything but a long out.
The OHWs ramped up their offense in week two, making this one of the best games of the day. Andy Springer popped a 3 run homer and Jared Owens cranked a double to highlight a 6 run first inning. They also had a good ol’ fashioned bat around in the 4th inning as Jesse Grasso smoked a triple, and both Jason Hammer and Mike Trivino launched doubles, leading to 9 runs. Their scoring was capped on the day with Harrington and Trivino doubling again in the 5th inning and Jesse Grasso cranking a 3 run homer.

Final Score: OHWs 20 - Misfits 17

Game 2: Yankee Clippers v Dark Horse

Dark Horse continued to be the head honchos of B North as they plate 3 in the first on a Ryan Schock dinger, 7 in the 2nd on a double from Mariani, a triple from Schock and a homer from Zach Adams, and 3 more in the 3rd on doubles from Jim Walker and Jordan Moffitt. They would add onto their smorgasbord of offense in the 7th inning as walks and singles plate 4 more. Jimmy Walker was “that guy” in the inning who smacked the homerun out and got ripped on by his teammates.
The Yankee Clippers fell into the Hatfield curse of flying out due to the short fence. They were able to hammer home two in the 2nd inning on a Will Jensen 2 run bomb, a solo shot by Andrew Hesdin in the 3rd and another 2 in the 4th inning on a Kai Browner double and a sac fly.

Final Score: Dark Horse 20 - Yankee Clippers 5

Game 3: Wire2Wire v Dirty Dozen

Wire2Wire hammered home 4 in the first inning on a Gene Walczak 3 run homer and singles. In the 2nd they would tack on 3 more runs on doubles from Joe Dimezza and Adrian Reyes. After scratching a run in the 4th they would explode in the 5th scoring 7 runs on homers from Greg Guarino, Gene again, and Matt Huhn. Following that up, they would light the world on fire again in the 6th inning as they plate 6 more runs on doubles from McDevitt, Signore, and Huhn, combined with Genes third Hatfield Homer of the day.
Dirty Dozen thought it was a good idea to bring Jarrett Kerns and John Erb to Hatfield, yet it was Skeeter who lifted a 3 run homer in the 2nd inning to get the scoring started. Kerns and Justin Kelly would launch solo shots in the 3rd to hit the homer limit. Mike Ivers smoked a double and scored to give the Dozen two more in the 4th. After playing the one up game, Sean Taylor crushed a 3 run homer and Skeeter launched his 2nd of the game, plating 7 in the 5th.

Final Score: Wire 2 Wire 21 - Dirty Dozen 16.

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