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B-East | 8/5/2018

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Lukens III

Game 1: Philly’s Phinest vs. Hambinos

Philly’s Phinest jump out to a two run lead in the top of the first, forcing an error and poking three singles. Hambino’s take the cue, draw a pair of walks, cause an error, and poke a few singles to plate three and claim the lead. In the top of the second, Philly’s Phinest hit four singles and get a two run double from Ray Rocks as they bat around and score six runs. Brad Gower rips a double and Tony Stevens launches a two run bomb as Hambino’s push four across the dish, cutting their deficit to one. Seven singles plus Keenan McCafferty ripping a two run double happen in the top of the third as Philly’s Phinest bat around again. In the bottom of the frame, Hambino’s continue to score with another four runs thanks to doubles from Mike Mulvihill, Mark Corpora, and Mark Peasley, ending the inning down 16-11. In the top of the fourth, Philly’s Phinest plate just one run on a sac fly. In the bottom of the fourth, Hambinos get doubles, again from Mark Corpora and Mark Peasley, as they plate four and cut the deficit to just two runs. Philly’s Phinest get a fifth inning leadoff double from Fran Kober, hit a couple singles, and see Mike Rocks Jr. crank a two run triple as they tally three runs. Hambino’s responds by batting around, hitting seven singles and scoring five, which knotted the game at 20. Philly’s Phinest smacks six singles, Mike Rocks Jr. rips a double, and Mike Rocks Sr. launches a triple as they bat around and add seven runs to their total. Hambino’s manage a base runner in the bottom of the sixth, but stall there as this game ends in six innings. Philly’s Phinest outslug Hambino’s and win 27-20.

Man of the Match: Mike Rocks Jr. (4-6, 4 R, 2B, 3B, 3 RBI)

Game 2: Philly’s Phinest vs. Mud Dogs

Playing as the visitor again, Philly’s Phinest keep rolling in the top of the first, scoring four thanks to Ray Rocks and Tony Summers smacking RBI doubles. Mud Dogs answer back quickly, taking the lead on five runs as Max Malloy, Matt Figueroa, and Brian Figueroa each rope doubles on top of a pair of singles and four walks. In the bottom of the second, the Mud Dogs tack on another run via sacrifice fly. In the third, they keep rolling, plating three more on three singles and doubles from Jason and Josh Figueroa. In the top of the fourth, Philly’s Phinest get a double from Chris Rocks and poke four singles, scoring two runs. Mud Dogs add three in the bottom of the fifth as they force two errors and hit four base knocks. In the top of the sixth, Philly’s Phinest get a leadoff base hit, followed by a Keenan McCafferty double, then a two run sac fly to score a pair. Matt Figueroa cranks a leadoff dinger to plate the only Mud Dogs run of the bottom of the sixth. Philly’s Phinest go down quietly in the top of the seventh as Mud Dogs prevail 13-8.

Man of the Match: Matt Figueroa (3-4, R, 2B, HR, 2 RBI)

Game 3: Mud Dogs vs. Magerks

Mud Dogs come out swinging in the top of the first, jumping out to a six run lead on a sac fly, six singles, an RBI double from Brian Figueroa, and a two run triple from Kris Carr. Kavit Solanki leads the top of the second with a dinger for the Mud Dogs, their only run of the inning. In the bottom of the frame, Frank Turco rips a double, then Denny Nicholson launches a big fly as Magerks get on the board with a pair. The following inning, Magerks doubles their output with another two run bomb, this time off the bat of Anthony Maddoni. In the top of the sixth, Mud Dogs add a run to their tally as Sam Matos drives in Brian Figueroa with a double. In the bottom of the frasme, Magerks cut their deficit to one ona pair of singles and a pair of doubles from Brian Hilbert and Jeff Tongue. In the top of the seventh, Mud Dogs strand two runners and lead by the slimmest of margins heading into the bottom of the seventh. Steve Walker led the inning off with a base knock and after an outfield error, Brian Dayton doubled to tie the game. Brian Hilbert then came to the plate a swiftly drove in the decisive run. Magerks walks off on Mud Dogs 9-8.

Man of the Match: Brian Hilbert (2-4, R, 2B, Game Winning RBI)

Game 4: Jackhammers vs. Magerks

Magerks get on the board first in this tilt, making a statment as Denny Nicholson cranks a Grand Salami. Jackhammers respond in the top of the third with a lone run thanks to Kevin Rosini's base knock. In the bottom of the third, Magerks extend their lead as Brian Hilber rips an RBI triple and then scored on a sac fly. In the top of the fourth, Jackhammers force a few errors and plate a pair of runs. Magerks tack on another pair thanks to a sac fly, a couple of singles, and a triple from Vince Degidio. Jackhammers smack five singles in the top of the fifth and have Rob Wardrop rip a triple, scoring four as they find themsevles down just one run. Magerks continues to score, however, as Frank Turco leads off with a double, then add four singles and a sac fly to plate three and take a four run lead. In the top of the sixth, Jackhammers get doubles off the bats of Glen Hipple and Tom Lydon, leading to two runners crossing the dish. Magerks negates that in the bottom of the frame, matching those two runs with Denny Nicholson's single and a fielder's choice. Jackhammers would fail to score in the top of the seventh as this game ends with Magerks on top 13-9.

Man of the Match: Denny Nicholson (3-4, 2 R, GSHR, 5 RBI)


Game 3: Randazzo's Pizza vs. Dirt Stars

We'll jump to the bottom of the second, where Dirt Stars plate three runs by drawing a pair of walks and getting doubles from Gary Brooks and Paul Raimer. In the top of the third, Randazzo's scores a run thanks to Pete Corrigan singling in Justin Perloff. In the bottom of the frame, Dirt Stars shake two strikeouts and end up getting a three run dinger out of Jeff Sywulak to extend their lead. In the bottom of the fifth, Dirt Stars have a huge inning , totalling eight runs on two walks, three singles, doubles from Jeff Sywulak and Mike Washacker, highlighted by a Grand Slam from John Boyle. Dirt Stars tack on another run in the bottom of the sixth as Bob McHegen drives in a run on a single. In the top of the seventh, Randazzo's force a few errors, two singles, and Anthony Miller crushed a three run big fly into the cheap seats, managing four runs, but falling short of a comeback. Dirt Stars defeat Randazzo's Pizza 15-5.

Man of the Match: John Boyle (2-3, 2 R, GSHR, 4 RBI)

Game 4: Randazzo's Pizza vs. Baron Von Fritz

Randazzo's gets to work quickly in the top of the first with four singles and doubles from Pete Corrigan and Jimmy Byrne, pushing five runs across the dish. In the top of the second, they double their total via the long ball thanks to a solo shot from Pete Corrigan and two run dingers from Jimmy Byrne and Anthony Miller. In the bottom of the third, Baron Von Fritz wakes up by drawing a walk, forcing three errors, poking five singles, getting an RBI double from Kevin Ladden, and witnessing a Grand Slam thanks to Dan Keith, plating nine and cutting their deep hole to just one. Randazzo's responds in the top of the fourth with two runs highlighted by doubles fromJimmy Byrne and Harry Steglier. In the bottom of the fifth, Baron Von Fritz takes the lead, batting around again on singles, walks and errors, scoring five. In the sixth, they tack on one more as Brandon Rock drives in Frankie Fusca, who reached on an error. In the top of the seventh, Brian Jamison leads the inning off with a double for Randazzo's and he later scores on a sac fly, but they'd fall short of a comeback in this one. Baron Von Fritz slugs their way past Randazzo's 15-13.

Man of the Match: Dan Keith (2-3, R, BB, GSHR, 4 RBI)

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