B East 7-5-2020

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B East 7-5-2020

Post by Rider14 » Wed Jul 15, 2020 11:52 pm

Game #1 – Bulldogs vs. Hambinos

Bulldogs come out rolling in this one as they push across eight runs right out of the gate. Mike Suda started the scoring with an RBI triple followed up by a RBI double from John Hogan. Paul Burtis then drives the ball deep and outta the park with a two run bomb. Later in the inning, CC Witt added an RBI double to round out the eight runs. Burtis was back at it again with an RBI double in the second as Bulldogs open their lead up to 10-0. Hambinos continue to struggle at the plate as they cannot push any runs across. Suda grabs two more RBI doubles in the third and fourth inning as then everyone on bulldogs get in on the party and really blow this game open. Bulldogs pull away and finish this one early due to mercy rule. Bulldogs win 19-1.

Player of the Game:
Paul Burtis (Bulldogs) – 3/4, 2B, HR, 4 RBI’s

Game #2 – Birdgang vs. Bulldogs

Bulldogs come out swinging again grabbing eight runs before Birdgang can even get on the board in this one. Burtis smacked another home run, his second of the day, to give them an early 2-0 lead. Suda, then in the third clears the bases with a three run bomb pushing their lead to 5-0. Dave Robbins and Pete Burns round out the third inning with back to back RBI singles that push the Bulldogs lead to 8-0 after five innings of play. Birdgang gets on the board in the sixth with RBI singles from John Dougherty and Mark Rothenberger. Joey Pittmann added a solo bomb in the seventh for Birdgang, but they can only muster up three runs. Burns adds a three run bomb later in the game to put this one away. Bulldogs win 12-3.

Player of the Game:
Pete Burns (Bulldogs) – 2/3, HR, 4 RBI’s

Game #3 – SCLSU Muddogs vs. Birdgang

Matt Figueroa smashed a three rum bomb into the Hatfield woods early in the first inning to give Muddogs an early 3-0 lead. Tony Figueroa then hits a sac fly and Daulton Pickergill knocks in one with a hit of his own to make this a 5-0 lead for Muddogs. They increase this lead to 7-0 after a Trevor Lane RBI double and Brian Figueroa RBI single. Birdgang get some back in the third with a Mark Rothenburger and Joey Pittman sac fly as well as a RBI double from Jason McLaughlin. Muddogs get those runs right back as they grab six more runs in the bottom of the inning. Trevor Lane started it with a two run double and Brian Figueroa followed up a batter later with a two run single. Defense rules the rest of the game as neither team can really get anything going as Muddogs will hold on in this one to take it. Muddogs win 14-4.

Player of the Game:
Matt Figueroa (SCLSU Muddogs) – 4/5, HR, 4 RBI’s

Game #4 – Dirt Stars vs. Philly’s Phinest

Dirt Stars take advantage early in the game as five of their first seven batters reach base via walks. Nick Coccia then knocks in another on an RBI single giving then four total runs in the inning. John Boyle smashes a three run bomb in the second inning pushing the Dirt Stars lead up to 7-0. More of the same comes in the third inning as Boyle knocks in one with an RBI single and Doug Nalbandion gets one on an RBI walk. Philly Phinest start to fight back in the fourth inning getting three runs back. Ray Rocks and Chris Cinque had RBI doubles in the inning. Ray Rocks was back at it again in the fifth smacking another double and driving in two more runs. Philly continues to fight into the sixth as they get two more runs on a Boyle RBI double and Mike Rocks Sr. hit. It ends up being not enough and Muddogs take it. Muddogs win 15-5.

i]Player of the Game:
John Boyle (Dirt Stars) – 2/6, HR, 4 RBI’s[/i]

Player of the Week:
Matt Figueroa (SCLSU Muddogs) – 4/5, HR, 4 RBI’s

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