7.8.18 - B-West

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7.8.18 - B-West

Post by tommyC » Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:22 pm

Opening day of the Summer Session. Doesn’t matter how well – or how poorly – you played in the Spring, you get a clean slate today.

Game 1 – Maggios at Legends
A pair of walks opened this one, eith Dan Weismuller eventually scoring on Brandon McCoy’s RBI single for Maggios. 7 singles in the second added up to 5 runs, giving Maggios a 6-0 lead after 1 ½ innings of play. But Legends had something to say about that, putting up a crooked 9-spot in the bottom of the second. Big hits in the inning were delivered by Mark McLaughlin (RBI triple), Jimmy Beaumester (RBI double), Pat Feliciani (RBI double) and Chris Cruz (RBI double).
In the third, Maggios regained the lead thanks to back-to-back TBI doubles from Kevin Walker and Brandon McCoy before Legends tied it up in the bottom half.
Tired of this back and forth nonsense, Brandon McCoy blasted a 3-run homer for Maggios in the top of the fourth. Drake Sprouse and Alex Tanberino then chipped in back-to-back doubles, helping Maggios to once again claim the lead, this time 14-10. Legends clawed their way to 2 in the bottom half, but remained behind.
Things got quiet until Jared Katz delivered an RBI double in the top of the seventh, giving Maggios a much-needed insurance run…or so it seemed. Turned out, it wasn’t needed at all, as only Chris Cruz (2B) reached base in the bottom of the seventh, as Legends couldn’t rally.
Final Score: Maggios 15 (1-0) Legends 12 (0-1)
Player of the Game: Brandon McCoy brought the big bat in this one, going 3 for 5 with a double a homerun, 6 RBIs and 2 Runs Scored.

Game 2 – Spartans at E’s Irish Pub
The Spartans took an early 1-0 lead thanks to Brian Kosik’s RBI double…but E’s would have something to say about it in the bottom half. RBI doubles from Jeremy Villano and Rob Worthington led the way to a 5-run inning, taking the lead away from the Spartans.
E’s would steal another run, thanks to an error, in the third before the Spartans got 3 runs on 4 hits in the fifth. In the bottom half, E’s clawed out another run, giving them the 7-4 lead after five.
The Spartans came from behind and nabbed the lead in the seventh. Four straight singles got the job done, including a 2-RBI base knock from Mike Mahan.
Now, suddenly losing, E’s tried to rally in the bottom half. A trio of singles, including one that knocked in the typing run from Villano, managed to knot the score and send this one to extras.
The Spartans used their late rally momentum to their advantage. The courtesy runner and a walk set the stage for a big RBI double from Kosik and a HUGE 2-RBI triple from Jay Cowan. In the bottom half, E’s was demoralized, having led just about the entire game, and it showed, as they managed just a single base hit, losing this one in the extra frame.
Final Score: Spartans 12 (1-0) E’s Irish Pub 8 (0-1)
Player of the Game: Jay Cowan came up huge with the game on the line. In all, he went 3 for 5 with a triple, 4 RBIs and 3 Runs Scored.

Game 3 – Backdoor Sliders at Sticky Bandits
The Sliders jumped out to an early 2-0 lead in this one thanks to an RBI double from Nick Enchautegui, but it was quickly tied up in the bottom half on Tom Koelzer’s 2-run bomb.
In the third, both teams got it going again. This time Steven Martinez got the RBI double for the Sliders, as they went up 4-2. Then Mason Cieri contributed an RBI double for the Bandits in the bottom half en route to taking the lead 5-4. Koelzer chipped in an RBI triple in the fourth, extending the lead to 6-4.
The fifth and sixth were all Sliders. Jon Beard smacked a big RBI double in the fifth and then Brian Hughes doubled and later scored in the sixth, helping the Sliders to take the 9-6 lead.
In the seventh, the Sliders looked to add some insurance runs and did just that. 3 walks and 2 singles set the pins up, and then Jon Aiken knocked them down with his 3-run bomb. Suddenly, the Bandits found themselves trailing by 9 as they came up for their last licks. Scott Hartman singled and Colin Donohoe doubled before Nick Ryan chipped in an RBI single…but then a fielder’s choice and a fly out followed, putting an end to the rally attempt.
Final Score: Backdoor Sliders 15 (1-0) Sticky Bandits 8 (0-1)
Player of the Game: Despite playing for the losing team, Tom Koelzer went 3 for 5 with a triple, homerun, 3 RBIs and a Run Scored.

Game 4 – Backdoor Sliders at The State Reps
The Sliders kept their momentum rolling early in this one. In fact, they were the only team with any momentum at all, as the State Reps didn’t score a single run or have a single extra-base hit.
Joe Collins’ 2-RBI double got things going in the first while Jon Beard and Nick Enchautegu both doubled in the second, extending the lead to 4-0.
In the third, 2 walks and a single set things up and then Jon Beard capitalized with a GRAND SALAMI!
5 straight singles opened the fourth and then a few errors extended the inning, allowing 7 runners to cross the dish, making it 15-0.
After a quiet fourth, Oz Dawson slapped an RBI single extending the lead to 16-0.
Since the State Reps couldn’t score 2 in the bottom of the fifth, this one wrapped up early.
Final Score: Backdoor Sliders 16 (2-0) The State Reps 0 (0-1)
Player of the Game: Jon Beard went 2 for 2 plus 3 walks with a double, a homerun, 5 RBIs and 4 Runs Scored.

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