B East Division - Spring - 04/22/18

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B East Division - Spring - 04/22/18

Post by tchester90 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 3:01 pm

Lukens 3 – Game 1
Bottom Pitches vs. Hattrick’s

In the 1st game at Lukens 3 for the day, the Bottom Pitches would face off against an impressive Hattrick’s team. Unfortunately for the Bottom Pitches they would struggle all day at the plate and find no answer for the high powered Hattrick’s offence. Bottom Pitches would only score 1 run in the game which would come in the 5th off the bat of Charlie Croasdale. On the other side of the diamond, Hattrick’s would pour on the runs, scoring a total of 26 runs throughout the 5 innings that would be played. CJ Barut would lead his team with 4 RBIs in the game, followed by Matt Friend and Kristen Steiner who would each add 3 more RBIs to their team’s total. Again, this one would only last 5 innings as Hattrick’s would annihilate Bottom Pitches with a final score of 26-1.

Lukens 3 – Game 2
Bottom Pitches vs. Cleanin’ Up

In their 2nd game of the day, Bottom Pitches would look to rebound from a brutal game 1 against another strong team in Cleanin’ Up. Bottom Pitches would get the offence going much earlier in this one, scoring 1 run in the 2nd, 2 more in the 5th and 1 more in the 6th. Ken Ballard would lead his team with an RBI in the game off of 2 singles in the 4th and 6th innings. Cleanin’ Up would also look impressive at the plate, scoring 7 runs in the 1st, 1 more in the 2nd and 9 more throughout the remainder of the game. Dave Collopy would lead the way with 3 RBIs in the game, followed by John Pearce, Mike Stacey and Mike Yanuzzi who would each add 2 more in the game. Cleanin’ Up would ‘clean up’ at the plate in this game and win easily with a final of 17-4.

Lukens 3 – Game 3
Slap a Pitch vs. Cleanin’ Up

In their 2nd game of the day, Cleanin’ Up would look to ride lightening to a 2-0 sweep on the day, but would face off against Slap a Pitch who would have other ideas. Slap a Pitch would get off to a slow start, but then find some run support in the 5th inning with 4 runs and then 3 more in the 6th. Adam Perez would lead the team for the day with 3 RBIs in the game. JR Hilsee would also have a nice game, adding 2 RBIs onto their total with a single in the 5th. Cleanin’ Up would get sluggish in their 2nd game of the day and only score 2 runs throughout. Dave Collopy and Tim Groves would have the only RBIs in the game. Slap a Pitch would take home the win, with a final of 7-2.

Cedar Hill – Game 1
Team Hunt vs. Fightin O’s

For the first game of the day in Cedar Hill, Team Hunt would face off against the Fightin O’s. Team Hunt would get rolling quickly and score early and often in this matchup. They would put up 4 runs in the 1st, 6 in the 2nd, and 13 more throughout the rest of the contest. Josh Groff would absolutely kill the ball, batting in 7 runs in the game. Bob Louderback would also have a great game, with 4 of his own RBIs. Offence would come from up and down their lineup in this matchup. For the Fightin O’s they really would never get going in this one, scoring only 2 runs throughout which would come as a last ditch effort in the 6th inning. Both Yaya Sidarta and Ray Norman would lead their team with 1 RBI a piece in the game. Team Hunt would roll to an easy victory, with a final score of 23-2.

Cedar Hill – Game 2
Masterbatters vs. Team Hunt

In a matchup I am sure everyone would be interested in watching, Team Hunt would square up against the Masterbatters in their 2nd game of the day. Team Hunt would come out swinging with 6 runs in the 1st and then 2 more in the 2nd. Unfortunately their bats would go cold until the 4th and 6th innings scoring a total of 4 more runs. Bob Louderback, Jamie Rimer and Angel Conley would all have 2 RBIs for Team Hunt in the game and lead their team. On the other side, the Masterbatters would answer with 5 runs in the 3rd, 7 more in the 4th and 4 more throughout the rest of the game. Dylan Hartzell would clobber the ball with 3 triples and 4 RBIs in the game. Sam Pavlichko would also have a good day at the plate with 3 RBIs of his own. The Masterbatter would spoil Team Hunts fun and win with a final score of 17-12.

Cedar Hill – Game 3
Jerzees vs. Masterbatters

To finish off the afternoon at Cedar Hill, Masterbatters would play host to an undefeated Jerzees team. They would get off to a slow start; however find their bats scoring 2 runs in the 3rd, 1 in the 4th and 3 more in the 5th innings. Bill Hapenovich would lead his team in the game with 2 RBIs on 3 singles. The question would end up being whether or not the Masterbatters could stop the high powered Jerzee’s offence. They would get off to the slow start as well; however open things up in the 2nd with 6 runs scored. They would score another 6 in the 2nd and then 4 more runs throughout the remainder of the game. Mark Sudell and Nicole Rodenbaugh would lead the way with 3 RBIs a piece in the game. Jay Muir and Matt Burns would each have 2 RBIs in the game to add to their total. Jerzee’s would win easily with a final score of 16-6.

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