Opening day 4/15/21 - Hatfield

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Opening day 4/15/21 - Hatfield

Post by shaners30 » Tue May 04, 2021 10:18 pm

Game one of Hatfield opener 

Sex Panthers vw Bush Bumpers

Top 1 - Raymond starts with a single Rossi single RBI shield cleaners with a three run homer. Bottom 1 Foct single start Riviera singles one home Chapman clears on a three run home run.  Top 3 and 2 on Rossy three run home run. Sex panther is quiet through three innings. Bottom 4 -Murrayy gets a board shield homers for 2, 2 singles Kevin Murrya doubles home 2  Top six Nowitzki gets on Keller walks Chapman homers for two.Top 7 Dobbin doubles skencar single RBI Mitchell single double RBI. Bottom seven fielders choice followed by three walks run scores Nowitzki single RBI two more walks Riviera RBI single Chapman walks RBI Pliska doubles in 2 but fall 1 short

Bush Bumpers 15 - Sex Panthers 14 

Game 2

Garges gang vs Sex panthers

Ripa triples to start Plunkett RBI sack. Bottom 1 Nowitzki gets on Eric homers for two Keller singles Chapman RBI triple. No action in 2-3. Top 4 stucco solo homer PLunkett single Delarosa single/ Klein Scarborough and Hazlet follow suit with their own single RBIs. Bottom 4 Chapman solo. Top 6 stacks doubles Delgado homers. Bottom 6, 2 singles board with an error Chapman Piliszko RBIs. Bottom 7 Santura scores Gallagher scores courtesy Novitsky and Foct RBIs. Extra innings
Stocko gets RBI single bottom eighth Riviera double RBI. Bottom nine Brahman RI single for the win

Sex Panthers 10 - Garges 9

Game 3

Nine Inch Males vs Garges

Bottom 1 Ripa Plunkett single back to back stucco RBI single, Delgado sac for 3 and only 3 runs of game. Only 4 hits would follow. Top 4 Rangoon gets a board, walk, single load the bases Zajac grand slam. RBI McNeil. Bottom 6 Zajac sans and single and get a board Barut single McNeil to RBI single

Nine Inch Nails 7 - Garges 2

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