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Summer Wk 2 - July 10th

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:45 am
by latincontrol
Game One: Just Foods v. Cales Pales Ales

Just Foods started the nights slew of games with enough players to take the field. But everyone knows the Quarry is a tough place to play with just 3 outfielders at times. Offensively, Pete Auteri & Dave Demko both drove in a run for a quick 2 runs in the 1st. David Iatarola tripled home a run and scored in the 2nd and Pete doubled home another run and scored in the 6th. Foods scored 8 in the game.

The Pale Kids on the other hand, fielding a full team, allowed the game to remain relatively close until late. Nick Delaurentis singled home 2 runs in the 1st, and back to back doubles from TJ Ontrup and Dan Digiuseppe capped a 4-run fifth. But to this point, they help just a 3-run lead. That changed in the 6th. Two critical errors from the Foods’ 3rd baseman opened the doors to 5 runs coming across the plate; highlighted by John Pileggi’s 2-run double. The Pale Kids pulled away late with an 16-8 victory.

Game Two: Beers V. Toto/Kiefer

Beers had the task of taking on the defensing Spring Champs and they decided to do so with a short-handed team. Again, on this field and with a hitting machine of a team you are asking for trouble. Unfortunately, trouble they got.
Beers managed just a hit in the 2nd inning and had themselves a small rally in the 3rd. Ryan Maley smashed a 3-run bomb over the Quarry wall to score Ryan Whiteley and AJ Garboski. But the most impressive stat of the night for Beers was having 5 ball players with the first name Ryan.
MVP Stat of the night,
    Ball players named Ryan 5 – Runs scored 3.

    For Toto/Kiefer this was a mercy game. Stat lines for the game:
    • Jose Rodriguez (batting leadoff) 4-4, 3 runs scored and 4 rbi.
      • Mike Brown went 2-4, double and HR. 2 runs scored and 4 rbi.
      • Matt McReynolds went 3-3, 2 runs scored
      • Brian Penecale went 2-3, BB, triple and HR. 3 rbi
      • Mike Chwieroth went 2-3, BB, 1B, HR 3 runs scored and 2 rbi.

    Game Three: Beers V. Vertex

    Boy-o-boy what a rough night this would be for Beers. You don’t just have to play shorthanded against the defending champs, you then have to play the 2nd game of a twin-bill against a Spring playoff team in Vertex. Ouch.

    Beers managed 7 hits for the game but scored just once. Ryan H had a 2-2 night and drove in the games only run.

    Matt Schaub homered in the 1st, Matt Crowell doubled in the 2nd, Nick Maile tripled in the 3rd Matt Schaubby doubled in the 4th and Sean Nonemacher doubled in the 5th. Each of these hits highlight the extra base hit per inning which in route to a 16-run effort. Vertex wins easily 16-1.

    Game Four: Mike’s Bar & Grill v. Slurricanes

    Final game of the evening featured a Mike’s team looking to rebound from their spring season and a Slurricanes team seeking to move from middle of pack to an elite Tuesday night team.

    Unfortunately for Mike’s this night was not the start they were looking for. Offensively managing 5 walks, 3 hits and just a run scored. That run coming off the bat of Sean Pena who homered in the 4th.

    Slurricanes’ offense was on. Also aided by 4 Mike errors…Kevin Somma homered in the 1st, and Brian Kueny singled home 2 in the 4th. They scored 8 runs in the 1st and 7 runs in the 4th…finishing with 16 for the game. Slurricanes victory 16-1.