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Post by MixedNutz610 » Tue Sep 08, 2020 3:23 pm

First round would see Chico's take on the Turtles.

Chico's would be away in this match up and jump out to a early lead as Kevin Shinkunas, Bill Shipe and Adam Roman would all have RBI singles. Turtles would answer back as Mike Hensel would blast a 2 run triple. 2nd Both teams cant plate a run. 3rd Chico's would get back to the scoring as they plate 4 run. Adam Roman would drive in another two off a double. Turtles dont score. 4th Chioc's takes a inning off and dont score. Turtles try and stay close with a SAC fly. 5th Chico's gets the bats moving again scoring 3 run and Turtles would answer back jake Feehan 3 RBI triple and kevin Bramble would drive another 2 runs. 6th inning Chico's doesnt score. Turtles continue to add on to there lead and plate a couple more to get 18 total. 7th inning last shot for Chico's to stay in the game and they can't plate a run and the Turtles win this one 18-10

Game 2 saw Throwdown take on muckdogs.

Muckdogs strike first getting 3 runs. John Connors a 2 run triple was the big swing of the inning. ThrowDown came to party though as they went crazy in the first tripling the output of their opponent. Tom Koelzer had a 2 run double and Jimmy Craig would have a 2 run homer in the inning. 2nd Muckdogs dont score. TD goes down in order. 3rd Muckdogs battle back Tony Cabot a 2 run double. TD doesn't score again. 4th Conners keeps the fight going as he gets 2 more RBI's this time off a double. TD just manufactors some runs with SAC flies. 5th Muckdogs get one run. TD has another big inning as Ryan "GOODIE" Goodman blast a 3 run homer. 6th Muckdogs cant score. TD would add some more runs for protection going into the last inning. Muckdogs though down 7 could only get one run and Throwdown advances.

Game 3 saw the winning Turtles take on the Highest seed Rake.

1st inning neither team scored. 2nd Neither team scored again. 3rd Turtles still cant cross the plate. Rake would take advantage of a couple errors to take a 2-0 lead. 4th Turtles continue to struggle and dont score. Rake again manage a couple runs to open up the lead at 4-0. 5th Turtles are really starting to look green and sick and score 0 again. Rake finally pushes this game open plating 7 inn the inning off 4 errors. 6th neither team score. 7th, down 11 with the last chance on the line the Turtles score 0 and the game ends with Rake gettting a shot at the championship.

Last game of the night saw ThrowDown take on Custom Cabinets.

ThrowDown is away and gets the game moving fast scoring 4 in the first. CC cant score. 2nd TD would continue to plate runs as Katie O and Doug would both drive in runs. CC wouldnt go silent though as they managed a couple runs of their own in the bottom half. 3rd Tom K would have a SAC fly. CC doesnt score. 4th Two more RBI singles from Chris H and Krysta keep the scoring going for TD. CC doesnt score again. 5th neither team score. 6th TD shows why they want to be in the championship as they explode for 5 runs. Krysta coming up big driving in 2 more runs. CC doesnts score. 7th inning with it all on the line TOM K blast a 3 run homer over the fence and jackie and Brian both drive in RBIS to extend the lead. CC down 22-2 manage 3 runs but fall well short of the comeback and Throwdown moves on.

So next week for the Championship of the world


see you at the field

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