Quarry: 8/8/18

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Quarry: 8/8/18

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Game 1: Titans vs Mayhem
This game was back and forth all the way until the end. The Titans’ Mike Dura hit a double in the 1st and later scored. Mayhem grabbed the lead in the bottom of the first off of a Mike Zahradnick 2-run homer. In the 3rd, the Titans took the led back with a 2-run inning which included a Jaret Fullmer double. They added 3 more to their lead in the 4th with the help of a Darren Shaw 2-run triple. Mayhem would tie it up with a 4-run 4th which included a Jason Kamienski RBI double. The Titans took the lead right back with 3 runs in the 5th. Mayhem entered the bottom of the 6th down 3 but erupted for 9 runs in the inning to take a 6-run lead. Singles lead the way to most of the damage with the exception of Mike Zahradnick and Kristin Grubb doubles. The Titans stepped up in the 7th, down 6. Extra base hits by Jaret Fullmer (3B), Mike Dura (2B), Jason Brown (HR) and Erin Binter (2B) fueled the Titans’ near comeback. They would only plate5 runs and fell by a score of 15-15.

Game 2: IDC vs Throwdown
After holding IDC scoreless in the top of the first Throwdown plated 3 runs with a help of a few doubles by Gary Thompson and Jon Poore. Both teams went scoreless in the 2nd until scoring picked back up in the 3rd. Justin Miller, freshly single and ready to smash, hit a 2-run panty dropper to center field. I’m told Shane Hanna was heard yelling while peeing behind the dumpsters about how “single Justin hits homers.” The 3-run inning led to a tie game but the tie was short lived as Throwdown brought in 5 runs of their own. Jared Gardner, not single, wallops a grand slam in the 4th for IDC to help tie the game back up. Throwdown continued to throwdown and took the lead right back with a 4-run 4th. Katie O’Toole led off with a triple and Tom Monyvdas hit a 3-run homer. Throwdown added another to push the lead to 3 after 5 innings of play. IDC ended up tying the game at 13 after 5 runs in the final 2 innings. Throwdown had the final say as John Schoefield hit a walk-off double. Throwdown takes it 14-13.

Game 3: Philly Junk vs ICB
Andy May helped Philly Junk jump out to a 3-0 lead with his 2-run double. Zack Martin hit a double and later scored for ICB in the bottom of the 1st. The big guns broke out in the 3rd for Philly Junk as Mike Bitterlich and Craig Richards both homered while Andy May added a triple to add 3 to their lead. Philly Junk was back at it in the 4th as Ryan Russell and Mike Bitterlich hit back to back triples on their way to a 4-run inning. After holding ICB to 1 run in the 4th Philly Junk added 2 more in the 5th to take 10-run lead into the bottom of the frame. ICB came alive to the tune of 9 runs which included doubles by Katie O’Toole, Chris Hackney, Ryan Goodman and Zach Martin. Philly Junk, needing to pad their lead, scored 5 runs in the 6th and final frame. A lot happened during those 5 runs. Mike Bitterlich hit his second homer of the game and Shane Hanna, tired of his recent lack of power, divorced his wife and proceeded to hit a homer of his own. Philly Junk takes it 17-11.

Game 4: Philly Junk vs TGIF
Philly Junk hopped right back out there to try and get another win. They started slow in this one and got only 2 runs over the first 2 innings. Fortunately for them they only let up 3 during the same span. TGIF ‘s Dave Ward and Warren Grant both had extra base hits in the 1st while Philly Junk’s Shane “living single” Hanna and Jimmy Mueller each got one as well. Scoring continued in the 3rd as Shane Hanna used his new income tax filing status to hit a 3-run moon shot helping Philly Junk take the lead. TGIF took the lead right back with a 3-run inning that included an RBI double by Chase Luxton. Philly Junk added 3 runs in the 4th to take the lead but TGIF shaved 1 off of that in the bottom of the frame. Mike Bitterlich’s 3-run homer pushed the lead to 5. TGIF scored a quick 4 runs in the bottom of the 5th to cut the deficit to 1. After Philly Junk scored 1 in the 6th they expanded their lead even more in the 7th. Shane Hanna, now paying child support, clobbered his second 3-run dinger of the night to give Philly Junk a 16-11 lead. TGIF gave a great effort in the bottom of the 7th as they brought in 4 runs, falling just short of the comeback. Philly Junk takes it, 16-15.

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