Quarry 8/15/18

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Quarry 8/15/18

Post by codizzle11 » Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:34 pm

Game 1: Casey's vs In Place Cabinet

This game would wind up ending by mercy rule. In Place wasn't able to get much going in the 5 innings played. All 6 of their runs were scored across the first 2 innings but they then fell silent. Casey's was on a mission in this one. Their 9-run first inning alone would have been enough to bring home the bacon but they kept at it. 6 more runs in the 3rd along with 5 run in both the 4th and 5th innings capped off a 25-6 romping of In Place Cabinets. Some notable contributors for Casey's were Adam Spier (5 for 5), Glen Strattis (6 RBI), Josh Graef (2 2Bs) and Gene Schwendeman (4 RBI).

Game 2: IDC vs ICB

Is it just me or do the team names get lazier than this? I digress. Anyway, a great game was played by these two on this night as this one went down to the wire. IDC scored 4 in the 1st with the help of some extra base hits by Mark Bernacki, Jarred Gardner, Lindsay Tuscano and Curt "I didn't know he still played" Hensman. ICB got those 4 right back in the bottom of the 1st. After holding IDC from scoring in the 2nd ICB took the lead with doubles by Neal Hebert, Mandi Sheehan, Chris Hackney, Matt Hatch and a dinger by Zach Martin. IDC tied it back up in the top of the 3rd off of Jarred Gardner's grand slam. This was his 500th career homer over the fence! Congrats Jarred. I have about 36 of those bad boys myself. Actually, more like 8 if you don't count Hatfield. The game would remain tied heading into the 4th until Shanna Gardner singled and later scored to give IDC the slimmest of leads. ICB took the lead right back after a few singles, an error and a solo homer by Zach Martin. IDC was able to trim the deficit back down to 1 after a 3-run 5th which included a Jarret Kearns double and homers by Mark Bernacki and Jarred Gardner (now at 501). The score of 13-12 holds until the bottom of the 6th when ICB scored some much needed insurance runs. Extra base hits by Jay Cybok and Chris Hackney led the way to a 5-run inning and a 6-run lead for ICB. THe 4 runs that IDC scored, which included a 3-run homer by Tom Koelzer, where not enough to complete the comeback. ICB wins, 18-16.

Game 3: Throwdown vs Philly Junk

A sloppy start for Philly Junk which included 2 errors led to a 4-run 1st inning for Throwdown. Philly Junk has the bats to withstand and used them to take the lead in the bottom of the 1st. Dingers by Mike Bitterlich and Shane Hanna led the way as well as a double by KC Ingram. Throwdown quickly tied the game in the top of the 2nd but Philly Junk made that very short lived as Mike Bitterlich's 3-run homer was the cog in another 5-run inning. Scoring wouldn't pick back up until the bottom of the 4th when Shane Hanna hit his second homer of the game, a 2-run shot, that led to a 3-run inning for Philly Junk. After Throwdown got 1 back in the top of the 5th Philly Junk added a few more with a double by Mike Bitterlich and triples by Nick Mincini and Shane Hanna. Trailing 19-6, Throwdown could only muster 3 more runs before the game ended due to time. Philly Junk takes it, 19-9.

Game 4: Throwdown vs TGIF

Throwdown had to forget last game quickly if they wanted to have a shot in this one. A big 5-run 1st inning via a myriad of singles always helps. THe only issue is that TGIF matched that effort in their side of the 1st which included a triple by Chase Luxton. TGIF would proceed to score 10 more unanswered runs. Those 4 innings included 2 doubles by Dave Ward, a triple by Lisa Silvestri and homers by Warren Grant & Greta Sheridan. Axel Alicea hit a 2-run dinger for Throwdown in the 6th but they needed much more that they would never get. TGIF takes this one by a final of 16-8.

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