Quarry 8-24-20

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Quarry 8-24-20

Post by Rider14 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 1:17 am

Game #1 – Bry-Lex vs. Sons of Pitches

Bry-Lex gets rolling in the first inning with a two run bomb right out of the gate off slugger Bryce Bundy giving them a 2-0 lead after the top half of the inning. Sons of Pitches respond in a big way crushing the ball in the bottom half of the inning and grabbing 13 runs. Jon Motts started the scoring with a two run double following by a CJ Motts two run single. The scoring continues with a Car Motts Jr. RBI double and Bryl Villanuera RBI triple. Jon Motts adds a two run single later in the inning again to round out the scoring. Bry-Lex can only get one run back on an RBI single from Colin Donohoe. Pitches get right back to work in the third grabbing another four runs, three of them coming from a CJ Motts three run bomb. Pitches put the game away in the fourth with back-to-back RBI doubles from Jon and CJ Motts as they win this one easy.

Player of the Game:
CJ Motts (Sons of Pitches) – 4/4, 2 2B’s, HR, 8 RBI’s

Game #2 – Sons of Pitches vs. Carroll’s Jewelers

Sons of Pitches get on the board first with a two run single from Carl Motts Jr. Motts Jr. adds an RBI double in the second as it seems he is the only one hitting over the first three innings. Carroll’s finally get one back in the fourth on a Bill Shipe sac fly. Pitches start to get rolling in the fifth doubling their score and scoring three runs. Jon Motts started it with a sac fly and CJ Motts added one on an RBI single a batter later. This game heats up as Carroll’s grab two runs in the sixth sending us to the all-important seventh. Sarah Yoos starts the scoring for Carroll’s with an RBI single and Kevin Shinkunas grabs two more on a two run single. This is as close as they would come in this one as they wouldn’t have enough for the comeback. Pitches win 8-6.

Player of the Game:
Carl Motts Jr. (Sons of Pitches) – 3/3, 2 2B’s, 3 RBI’s

Game #3 – Rock and Rebel Salon vs. Sandlot Sluggers

Both teams take a little bit to warm up as neither team scores across the first two innings. Rebel are the first ones to strike in the game with a March McCouch Jr. two run triple. Sluggers must have had enough in this one and explode. They bat around and smash a whopping eight runs in the inning. Jarret Kerns started it with a two run double, Jenn Sevitski added an RBI single and Alex Alecia had a sac fly. Jay Clemente also had an two run single in the inning. The eight run third wasn’t enough for them so they duplicated this in the fourth. Julie Wombold had the big hit in the inning with a two run double and Kerns was at it again with an RBI double. Kerns and Seymour put this game away in the fifth grabbing a solo homer and three run bomb respectfully as Sluggers roll in this one. Sluggers win 23-7.

Player of the Game:
Jarret Kerns (Sandlot Sluggers) – 3/4, 2 2B’s, HR, 4 RBI’s

Game #4 – Roos vs. Dug Out Demons

Demons jump up quick coming out with four singles to start the game. They net five runs from this getting runs from Jake Haber and Greta Sheeridan. Haber was back at it again with a two run double in the following inning giving Demons a 7-0 lead. Roos finally strike back in the third getting two runs on an RBI triple from Jeremey Villano and RBI single from Chris Lansberry. Sheeridan fights back for Demons with another RBI, her second of the game. Roos mount the comeback from a Chris Lansberyy RBI single in the fifth, his second of the game. After a couple of insurances runs from Demons in the sixth, Roos look up at a seven run deficit. Villano and Lansberry grab a couple runs on an RBI single and John Marcigan grabs another on an RBI triple, but they still fall short in this one. Demons win 10-7.

Player of the Game:
Jake Haber (Demons) – 2/3, 2B, 3 RBI’s

Player of the Week:
CJ Motts (Sons of Pitches) – 5/6, 2 2B’s, HR, 9 RBI’s

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