Quarry 10/20

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Quarry 10/20

Post by TK15 » Mon Oct 25, 2021 1:44 pm

Game 1 Wu Tang Forever vs the Reserves

Wu Tang elects to be away and bats around twice in the top of the first inning scoring 17 runs and as Tom Koelzer and Jon Poore both hit 2 home runs over the fence in the inning. The Reserves respond with 3 runs on hits by Joe Biseglie, Paul Calasanto, and Joe Fine, including a triple with 2 RBI's by Joe. Wu Tang bat around again in the 2nd inning adding 5 more. Quick inning for the Reserves. Wu again bat around in the 3rd and add 8 to the run total. Reserves add two runs on hits by the same three mentioned earlier in the article. Wu finish it off in 4 innings by a final of 33 - 3. Nuke tracker for the game: Tom Koelzer - 4, Jon Poore - 3, Crazyaxl - 2.

Game 2 Knuckleheads vs Mayhem

Knuckleheads start it off and for the first time in as long as I can remember this year, Jesse Faller did not get on base and score in the top of the first. That was a long streak. They score 1 run to start. Mayhem fail to respond. Knuckleheads go scoreless in the 2nd while Mayhem use this as an opportunity to take the lead with hits by Tom Hayes and Shawn Arbogast, scoring 2. Knuckleheads turn it on in the thurd and add 6 runs with an extra base hit by Mike Rafferty. Mayhem add a few in the 4th and one in the 5th but it would be no match for Knuckleheads who bat around in the 5th inning. Final score Knuckleheads 21 - Mayhem 6.

Game 3 Turtles vs Goats

Goats hit first and score two runs on a hit by Shane Stewart. Turtles bat 10 and take an out. They answer in the bottom of the first with 2 runs on hits by Frank Fusca and Kyle Rizzi. Goats go quiet for a while but score another run in the 4th thanks to a double by Ryan McGraw. Turtles gain a comfortable lead going into the top of the 7th and the Goats need 12 to stay. They would score 1 more run and the Turtles finish it off by a final of 15 - 4.

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