Hatfield Week 4

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Hatfield Week 4

Post by Hack24 » Thu Oct 08, 2020 12:39 pm

Game 1 Dugout Sharks vs Custom Cabinet Finishes
Dugout Sharks put 3 on the board, Chris Smith, Jake Haber, and Rachel Lopes all collect rbi's. Top 3 DS strikes again for 3 runs, Haber and Smith strike again. In the sixth Haber would hit a 2 run bomb and Dugout Sharks add 4 more. CCF would get 1 in the first and 2 more in third courtesy of a Mike Downey 2 run blast. Bottom 5 they add 2 more Brian Dart with a rbi double, and 2 more in 6th on errors and rbi singles by Linda Dart and Tony Oliver. Bottom 7 they tie the game with 3 and in 8th walk off on a Tony Oliver rbi single. CCF win this one 11-10.
Game 2 Wu Tang Forever vs Custom Cabinet Finishes
Wu Tang scores 2 in the 2nd Jimmy "Gummy" Craig rbi dub and Icebox adds a rbi single. Top 3 Wu plate 6 on 2 fence scrapers by The Koelzer Cousins and a real moonshot by The Human Seesaw. They would add 3 more runs to end game with 11. CCF get 4 in the first Brian Dart, Brian Saunders, and Dave Buonomo with rbi's. They would add 1 in the 3rd and another in the 5th. An injury to the living legend him self Rob Fitzsimmons would take the wind out the teams sails and they fall to the Wu 11-7.

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