9/23/2020 Quarry

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9/23/2020 Quarry

Post by MixedNutz610 » Wed Oct 14, 2020 7:58 am

Game one Hagan's Hero's vs Roaring 20's

20's are away and manage a couple quick runs off 2 singles from Tyler Branner and Kevin Costello, HH answered back with 2 runs of their own Rob Mckenna RBI double and Greta Sheridan SAC fly. 2nd 20's dont score, HH gets moving Rob 2 run double and "OLD MAN" Buddy Schwarz 2 run single are the run producers of the inning. 3rd 20's get back into the scoring getting 3 runs Gabby Vernillo RBI double big swing of the inning, HH doesn't score. 4th 20's doesn't score, HH tacks on 4 more Greg Reilly 2 run double and Rob with a SAC fly. 5th 20's get 1 run off Tyler single, HH score a couple Keith Keppley with RBI double. 6th no score from the 20's, HH add 3 more to their total to give them 19. 7th last shot for the 20's and they cant score and Hagan's walks away with the win 19-6

Game 2 saw Turtles vs Hagan's Hero's

Turtles are away team and cant score in the top half, HH all fired up from game one come out slapping the ball all over and plating 8 Craig Richardson RBI triple and Phil Lipton 3 run homer are big swings in the inning. 2nd Turtles get one, HH keep running around the bases as they get 4 more Rob RBI triple and Greta with her 2nd SAC fly of the game. 3rd 20's dont score, HH get another 2 runs to give them 14. 4th 20's get back on the board getting 2 runs Kyle Rizzi rbi single and Jason Brown SAC fly, HH pound home another 4 runs Ron Bannister 2 run single and Wayne (SKEET) RBI double drive them home. 5th 20's need couple to stay and get no runs as this ends in a run rule HH win 18-3

Last game on the night saw Turtles vs Chico's

Chico's were away and got moving quick as they get 2 off the bats of Bryan Bart and Bill Shipe, Turtles change their game and Mike Hensel blast a 3 run homer as they match their total output in game one. 2nd Chico's get couple off SAC fly and fielders choice, Turtles get one run from Jack Feehan RBI single. 3rd Chico's doesnt score, Turtles jump into the lead getting 4 runs Tom Moyer 2 run double big swing in the inning. 4th Chico's goes silent again, Turtles get 2 from Jake Feehan single. 5th Chico's back in the game get 4 as Kevin Shinkunas and John Zeits get RBI singles, Turtles though plate 7 Jay Payne 2 run single and Jaret Fullner 2 run BOMB power the team. 6th neither team score. 7th last shot for Chico's get 3 as Sarah Yoos hits a triple and drive 2 home but its not enough as Turtles win 17-12

Have a good week see you at the field

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