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Week 5 kicks off!!!

Game 1 Market Flowers vs Turtles

Turtles are away and score on a SAC fly from Kyle Rizzi, MF can't score. 2nd Turtles score 3 more runs big hit from L WOOD driving in 2 with a single. MF can't score. 3rd Turtles get something going plating 6 runs, Mike Hensel, Tom Moyer and Jackie T all get RBI singles, MF can't score. 4th Turtles at it again plating another 6 runs Jay Pane hit a 3 run bomb to cap off the inning, MF finally break in the scoring column Zack Lydall hits a 3 run bomb. 5th Turtles finish off their scoring with RBI's from their first 5 batter to get 21. MF can't score and that is it folks TURTLE's win 21-4

Game 2 Hagan's vs Wu Tang

Wu starts it off, big Tom Koelzer RBI double and Ryan "Goodie" Goodman 2 run single lead the way. Hagans doesn't score. 2nd Wu is quite, Hagan's jump back in the game scoring 3 Wayne "SKEETER" Horger and Keith Keppley both drive runs in. 3rd Ryan hits a solo shot for the wu, Hagan's answers with 5 though and climb into the lead Ian Cuzzo 2 run triple power the offense. 4th Wu takes right back over as Tom K blast a 3 run shot and His old man drives in 2 on a single, Hagan's Greg Reilly gets a RBI double. 5th WU Tang isn't nothing to mess with as they continue their scoring Jackie Heim RBI triple and Axle RBI single keep the runs moving, Hagan's manages 2 runs. 6th TOM K strikes again this ball went futher and drove in another 3 RBI for the game as WU takes a commanding lead, Hagans still has some fight left and get 2 more but that is the game due to time and the WU take this one 20-14

Game 3 Roaring 20's vs Wu Tang Forever

20's are away and don't score, Wu still feeling good about their last win plate a few Mike Koelzer and Axle both blasting 2 run homers. 2nd 20's get on the board Pat Reilly and Kevin Castello both drive in runs, Wu arent stopping as Goodie and Alex S both drive in runs. 3rd 20's cant score, Wu get 2 more runs Jimmy C and Nick D both get RBI singles. 4th 20's Gabrielle Verrillo drives in their only run, WU dont score. 5th 20's go quiet, WU keep swinging as the CRAZY AX blast his 2nd 2 run homer of the night. 6th 20's get 1 run from Pete Hibbert solo blast, WU don't score. 7th last shot for the 20's and they wont give up but come up short as they get 3 and the WU walks away the winners 16-7

last game Roaring 20's vs Custom Cabinet

20's start away and get one run off the bat of Tyler B, CC dont score. 2nd 20's Adam gets RBI single, CC jumps into the game plating 4 runs Brian Dart RBI triple. 3rd 20's dont score, MOM Linda Dart wont let son have all the fun and drives RBI home. 4th 20's fight back getting 2 runs Tom K gets RBI single, CC Dave Buonomo gets RBI and Maddi Bieber drives in a run as well. 5th Neither team scores. 6th 20's get a run off fielders choice, CC doesn't score. 7th last chance needing 5, not a run crosses the plate and this one ends in a CC win 10-5

see you all at the field.

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