week 6 Hatfield

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week 6 Hatfield

Post by MixedNutz610 » Tue Nov 30, 2021 1:29 pm

Boozehounds vs Muckdogs

Booze are the away team for game one action and get moving early, plating 5 runs Lynn Hand drove in 2 RBI, Muckdogs would answer in the bottom half though scoring 3 runs of their own. 2nd Booze just keeps flowing as they score 5 more Justin Gaumer blast a 3 run bomb for the big swing of the inning, Muckdogs cant score. 3rd Booze hounds are on their way to being drunk with the runs they are scoring in this one another 6 in this inning off 7 hits, Muckdogs dont score. 4th BH get another 3 runs and win this one going away 19-4

Game 2 Mayhem vs Reserves

Reserves bat first and cant score, Mayhem then takes their shot getting a leadoff homer from Ben Gillis. 2nd neither team plates a run. 3rd Reserves dont score, Mayhem gets on the board again scoring 3 runs Tom hayes a big 2 run double. 4th Jon Fine blast a solo shot to get the Reserves on the board, Mayhem doesnt score. 5th reserves get it moving plating 6 runs in the inning Harry Parfitt a 2 run triple to get the big swing, Mayhem get a couple of their own runs to stay in the lead. 6th neither team scores the rest of the way and Mayhem hangs onto the 9-8 victory

Game 3 Mayhem vs Jive Turkeys

JT are away and get on the board quick as Nick Ambolino blast a 2 run homer, Mayhem though is all warmed up and come right back plating 5 runs, Toni Foster a 2 run single. 2nd JT cant score in the top, Mayhem get some more though as Zach lyall hits a grandslam!! 3rd both teams go scoreless. 4th both teams are quite again. 5th JT manage 1 run, Mayhem answers back with Zach hitting a 2 run shot this time. 6th neither team scores, 7th JT need a bunch and they start getting them as they get 5 runs Nick blast his 2nd homer of the night but they would come up short as Mayhem win this one 11-8

see you suckers at the field

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