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Hatfield Playoffs 11-13

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 6:32 pm
by shaners30
Game 1 or Game 2 depending on the score card

DaVanzo Shift vs Sex Panther

Bottom 1 - Gauge singles home 1st run. Bottom 2 - 5 straight get on and gallager doubles in 2nd run of game - Keller hits home 2 on HR. Bottom 3 - Gauge lead off with single and would score on Ruch hit. Bottom 4 - Lelli and Navitsky go b2b doubles scoring 1 and Guage would hit home another. Top 5 D Shift gets 1 on 4 straight singles. Finn and Genua with Rbis. Bottom 5 Motts would score on Gallager FC Keller would score Gallagher and Pliska would hit home Keller to cap 3. Bottom 6 - 3 staght get on and Lelli clears all with GS. Last effor by Shit would score 2 in the top but not enough. Caldell with 2 rbi single.

Sex Panthers 16 - D Shift 4