Friday Men's 10/18 - Stover

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Friday Men's 10/18 - Stover

Post by amramunno » Wed Oct 30, 2019 4:23 pm

Game 1: Generals v Sons of Pitches

SOP bat around, plating 4 to kick it off. Generals respond plating 1. Top 2, SOP add 3 to their lead on singles. For the Generals, Tony Bevino walks and scores on a double by Adam Gingerich. Both teams add one more in 3. Top 4, SOP bat around again for 6, with a 3 run HR by Troy Radcliff. The Generals answer with one. SOP add one more to their lead in 5 and Generals go down 1-2-3. SOP don't score in the 6th and Generals plate one. Top 7, SOP bat around again for 7, with back to back HRs by Brian Wrigley & Dan Benner. Generals can't make anything happen. SOP win, 22-5.

Game 2: Benchwarmers v Generals

The Generals start strong, putting up 5. BW respond with 2. Generals can't make anything happen in the top of 2. BW plate one. Top 3, Generals add one and BW can't string together enough hits to score. In the 4th, the Generals go down 1-2-3. Bottom 4, BW have an inning and bat around, with back to back HRs by Jake Haber and Cory Gomez for 6. Top 5, Generals put up 3, with 2 RBIs coming on a Chris Forester HR. Bottom 5, BW nearly bat around again for 5 more. No one scores in 6 and Generals don't score in top of 7 to close this matchup. BW wins, 14-9.

Game 3: CHL v Benchwarmers

BW plate one to start. CHL doesn't score until the 4th. BW put up 4 in 2 and add three more in three. Top 4, one more scores for BW. Bottom 4, CHL gets on the board with one. Top 5, BW don't score. Bottom 5, two score for CHL on double by John Toutkoushian. Two more add to the BW lead in 6. CHL doens't score. Top 7, BW add three more insurance runs. Bottom 7, 2 score on a Kevin McDonald double, but it isn't enough. BW win, 14-5.

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