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Friday Men's Playoffs 11/6/20

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2020 4:41 pm
by amramunno
Game 1: DIrty Dozen v Nine Inch Males

NIM puts up one to start. They stay quiet in 2, 3 & 4. DD puts up one in each 1, 2 and 3, including a solo HR by Jon Myzak. Bottom 4, they nearly bat around and add 5 more, with 2 runs coming in on a HR by Cody Nash. Top 5, NIM string together some hits to put up 4. John Kiefer blasts a HR for 2. DD adds 7 more in the bottom of 5 when they bat through the order. Alex Freeman brings in 2 of those on a HR. NIM goes down 1-2-3 in 6. DD adds 3 more to their lead. NIM can't make anything happen in the 7th. DD wins, 18-5.

Game 2: Benchwarmers v Sons of Pitches

Two get on the board to kick things off for SOP. BW respond in kind. Neither team scores in the 2nd. Top 3, SOP bats around for 7 with HRs by Doug Roberts and Jason Dickerson. BW add 2 more, with a solo HR by Rich Hunter. 3 runs come in on a HR by Brian Wrigley in the top of 4. Bottom 4, BW bat around and plate 6, with a big grand slam by Hunter. Top 5, SOP adds 4 more. Bottom 5, BW respond with 2. SOP takes the lead in the top of 6 when they put up 4 runs. BW add 5 more runs to keep it close in the bottom of 7. Top 7, SOP can't make anything happen. Bottom 7, one more scores for BW but it isn't enough. SOP win, 20-18 and heads to the championship.

Game 3: American Legion v Dirty Dozen

DD goes scoreless in the first 3 innings. AL starts strong, plating 5 in the first. They don't add to their lead in 2. Three runs come in in the third, on a 3 RBI homer by Jake Engleman. Top 4, a solo HR by Cody Nash gets DD on the board. Bottom 4, AL doesn't score. DD bats around in the 5th, putting up 5 more runs. Bottom 5, AL adds 4 more with another 3 RBI Nash HR. DD doesn't score in 6. AL adds one more to their lead. Top 7, DD puts up 2 from solo HRs by Nash and Justin O'Brien but can't take the lead. AL wins, 13-8 and heads to the championship.