Friday Men's 9/28/18 Stover

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Friday Men's 9/28/18 Stover

Post by amramunno » Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:38 pm

Game 1: Benchwarmers v Deplorables

Shawn Hines blasts a 2 run HR to put Deplorables on the board early. One scores for BW. Top 2, Deplorables bat around and plate 7, including a 2 run HR by Magdiel Rivera. Bottom 2, Dave Keeler hits a solo HR. BW won't score the rest of the game. Deplorables add 3 in 3, 1 in 4, and close it out with 6 in 5, including a Hines grand slam. Deplorables win, 19-2.

Game 2: Benchwarmers v Nine Inch Males

NIM goes down 1-2-3 in 1. Bottom 1, NW put up 1. Three cross the plate for NIM in 2. Bottom 2, Ben Schweitzer brings in 2 on a HR for BW. Top 3, Tony Cabot hits a HR for 2. BW doesn't score. Top 4, 4 score of NIM, helped by a John Keifer HR. Bottom 4, BW don't score again. NIM is goes scoreless in 5. Bottom 5, 2 more score for BW, including a Mike Fischer solo HR. NIM plates 2 in 6. Bottom 6, BW add one. NIM adds two more to their lead in 7, both on a double by Bob Hartzell. Bottom 7, BW come from behind and take the lead and the game, batting around and plating 8. BW win, 14-13.

Game 3: Dirty Dozen v Nine Inch Males

NIM puts up 4 to start. DD responds with 1. Neither team scores in 2, 3 or 4. Top 5, NIM comes alive and bats around, plating 7. Bottom 5, DD doesn't score again. Top 6, NIM puts up 7 more, with HRs by Mike Chwieroth and John Kiefer. Bottom 6, Alex Freeman triples and will score. NIM wins, 18-2.

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