Friday Men's - May 21 - 2021

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Friday Men's - May 21 - 2021

Post by JP40 » Tue May 25, 2021 9:26 am

Game 1 - Sons of Pitches @ American Legion
Sons of Pitches opened the game with a balanced attack, with 8 of their 10 batters scoring a run within the first 3 innings (Homeruns by Doug Roberts, Bob Stanley, & Tim Glick). American Legion would keep pace early, and then turned it on in the final inning. AL would get late homers by Shawn Hines, Kyle Morrow, and Jake Engleman to post 17 total runs for the game. SofP's would mount a late 7th inning comeback behind a grand slam from Tim Glick, but it wasn't enough.

American Legion defeats Sons of Pitches, 17 - 13.
Player of the Game - Tim Glick - Sons of Pitches, 3/4, 1 double, 2 homers, 6 RBIs, 2 runs scored.

Game 2 - Dirty Dozen @ The Generals
This game would only go 6 innings, tallying 31 total runs scored. The Generals would open the 1st with a solo shot by Adam Gingerich. D12 answers with 2 of there own on a 2 run double by Cody Nash. D12 would roll in the 2nd behind triples by Stephen Skedzlewski and Kevin Carver - scoring 6 in the 2nd inning. The Generals fired back in the 3rd with 5 of their own, 4 of which scored on a Jon Fink grand salami. Going into the 5th, it was 10-9, in favor of the Generals. The Generals would post 4 in the 5th on a bevy of singles. But D12 would win the inning, scoring 6 on doubles by Joe Murray and Cody Nash, and a homer by Shawn Hines. We enter the 6th tied at 15. The Generals couldn't muster a run in the top of the 6th. With the time limit loaming, this game was decided in the bottom of the 6th, when sub Shawn Hines opened the half inning with a walk off homer.

D12 defeats the Generals, 16-15.
Player of the Game - Shawn Hines - D12, 4/4, 2 homers, 3 RBIs, 4 runs scored, walk off game winner.

Game 3 - Kobra Kai @ The Misfts
Kobra Kai posts 9 in the first 2 innings. Jake Haber, Rob Thomkinson, and Tyler Gower each scored twice in that span. And that would be enough to outpace the Misfits tonight. It didn't stop them from scoring more - as KK would get 2 runs from Josh Reed, Haber would score another, and Steve Reed would cross the plate for a 2nd time. The Misfits would only have 9 players, and 7 runs. Tony Cabot would go yard twice on the night, 1 of which was with the bases juiced.

Kobra Kai defeats the Misfits, 16-7.
Player of the Game - Cory Gomez - Kobra Kai - 3/5, 1 homer, 5 RBIs, 1 run scored.

Shout out to scorekeeper, Fern. In the words of Billy Joel, "Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes." For now it's goodbye... until next week!

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