Friday Men's 5/18/18

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Friday Men's 5/18/18

Post by amramunno » Mon May 21, 2018 1:13 pm

Game 1: Deplorables v Shockers

Dave Grube blasts a solo HR to start it of for the Shockers. The Deplorables respond with a grand slam by Shawn Hines to plate 4. Shockers don't score in 2. Bottom 2, Deplorables add 1 more. Neither team can make anything happen in 3. Top 4, two score for the Shockers, helped by a Jason Dickerson triple. Deplorables go down -1-2-3 in 4. Again, neither team scores in 5. Top 6, 4 more reach for the Shockers. Deplorables don't score in 6 or 7. Shockers added 2 more for insurance in the top of 7 to win, 9-5.

Game 2: Nine Inch Males v Bench Warmers

Neither team scores in the first. Top 2, 3 cross the plate for BW. Bottom 2, NIM plates one on a single. Each team adds 1 in the third and neither scores in 4 or 5. Top 6, BW go down 1-2-3. Bottom 6, NIM finally makes something happen and bats around, plating 6, helped by a grand slam by Doug Roberts. Top 7, last chance for BW, they put up 2, helped by a double by Matty Poust, but it isn't enough to take back the lead. NIM wins, 8-6.

Game 3: Sons of Pitches v Dirty Dozen

DD start strong, plating 4, with 3 back to back to back doubles by Angelo Vitantonio, Jim McHale, and Dan Vescovi. SOP respond in kind, plating 6 with 3 doubles of their own by Brian Wrigley, Keith Bauer & Doug Roberts. DD doesn't score in 2. Bottom 2, SOP adds 4 more. Top 3, McHale scores on a double by Vescovi to add 1 more. SOP can't make anything happen in 3. Top 4, DD goes down scoreless. Bottom 4, SOP adds 5, helped by a 3 RBI double by Brian Wrigley. Top 6, DD adds 3 more, and SOP adds 1 in the bottom. Top 7, DD can't make anything happen and that wraps up this matchup. SOP wins, 18-8.

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