Friday Men's Championships 6/15/18

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Friday Men's Championships 6/15/18

Post by amramunno » Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:51 am

Game 1: Sons of Pitches v Shockers

Shockers put up 3 on a HR by Jason Dickerson to start. SOP can't make anything happen. Top 2, Shockers bat around, plating 6, with a 3 RBI Evan Porter HR. SOP are quiet again in 2. Shockers don't score in 3. Bottom 3, SOP get on the board with a solo HR by Troy Radcliff. Shockers go down 1-2-3 in 4. Bottom 4, Ryan Postal blasts a grand slam for 4. Neither team scores in 5. Top 6, Shockers go down scoreless again. Bottom 6, SOP add 3 more. Top 7, one more scores for Shockers. Bottom 7, Troy Radcliff triples and will score on a single. A 3 run HR by Doug Roberts closes out the game and gives SOP the win, 12-10.

Game 2: Shockers v SOP

SOP put up 1 to start. Four reach for the Shockers. SOP can't make anything happen in 2. Bottom 2, Jake Engleman solos, and 2 more 2 run HRs follow from Jason Dickerson and Austin Heimbach for 5 runs this inning. Neither team scores in 3. Top 4, Ryan Postal blasts a 2 run HR for SOP. Bottom 4, Shockers go down 1-2-3. SOP bats around in 5, adding 6, with a 4 RBI HR by Brian Wrigley. Bottom 5, Shockers add 2. Top 6, SOP goes down 1-2-3. Bottom 6, Shockers put up 3 more to take the lead. Top 7, SOP add 2 but it isn't enough. Shockers win, 14-11 and force a game 3.

Game 3: SOP v Shockers

Shockers start slow, going down 1-2-3. SOP put up 1. Neither team scores in 2. Top 3, Shockers put up 4, with a triple by Jake Engleman and 2 run HR by Austin Heimbach. SOP won't score in 3,4 or 5. Shockers bat around in 4, adding 6 with HR by Jason Dickerson. They add 3 more in 5 with an Engleman HR. Top 6, they add 5 more to their lead. Bottom 6, SOP puts up 4, including a 3 RBI HR by Brian Wrigley. Top 7, Shockers go down 1-2-3. Bottom 7, SOP does the same and wraps up this series. Shockers win the game, 18-5, and are the Spring Men's Champs.

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