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19-4 Outback over Outlanders - 1st game

Outlanders were rather quite to start the game - few hits no runs. Triple by Larry started off the Outback 1st inning and RBI by J Pane ended inning up 2-0, A 1-2-3 for Outlanders left the door open for Outback who put up 8 in the 2nd. String of singles and 2 dbls by Joe and Dave. Outlanders answered with 2 runs courtesy of a lead off double by Hackney. a 6 run 4th inning by Outback put this game out of reach. Walsh, Pane, Homka all doubled and all drove in runs. Game ended in 5.

30-6 Goodfellas over Outlanders - 2nd game

Beracki double lead to the only run for GFellas in the first. Outlanders answered with 4 of there own on a few singles to lead off the bottom of 1st. Few walks and singles for GFellas and double by Hackney and Penecale gave them a 9 run inning. Outlanders brought back 2 runs on a walk and few hits.
13 run inning to start the 3rd put this out of contest. Back to back hrs by Bernacki and Penecale drove in 4 and barrage of hits saw the lineup hit through. 2 1-2-3 innings by outback ended the game via mercy in the 4th.

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