Threatening Another Player

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Threatening Another Player

Post by sixofdiamonds » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:11 pm

In the heat of the moment, a batter can lose his cool and say something stupid to a pitcher like, “Next time up I’m gonna hit one right back at you (shoot box)”. Or a fielder can say something just as stupid as, “I’m gonna make a throw right at your head (bean ball)”. Nothing more than idle threats most of the time. Nevertheless, there is no room for that kind of garbage in Softball America. From this point forward, any player that threatens another player with terroristic threats such as stated above and proceeds to follow through, whether intentional or by accident, that player will be immediately ejected from the game and suspended from all leagues for a period of time to be determined by the league.

Umpires will be instructed to warn any player that makes a terroristic threat of the position that player has placed them self in. Once you make a terroristic threat you leave yourself wide open. You may have made it out of frustration and have no intention whatsoever of following through with it. That’s too bad. If you threaten a pitcher and hit middle anywhere near the pitcher or you throw a ball that comes anywhere near the player you threatened, you will be ejected from the game and subsequently suspended from the league.

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