Intentional Walks

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Intentional Walks

Post by sixofdiamonds » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:12 pm

Intentional walks are part of the game. It is a good strategic move in certain situations. It is also the ultimate sign of respect for the batter receiving the intentional walk. In his career, Barry Bonds hit 762 home runs. He was issued almost as many intentional passes (688).

In the game of softball, walks can be issued in basically 3 different ways. A batter is walked when the pitcher, no matter how hard he/she tries, can’t get the ball over the plate. A batter can also be walked when the pitcher is being careful by throwing pitches just out of the strike zone, trying not to give the batter anything good to hit (nibbling at the corners). The batter doesn’t bite and takes the walk. The third way a pitcher can walk a batter is to get the umpire’s attention, point their index finger at the batter and motion that finger toward first base. That, my friends, is an intentional walk in the game of softball.

As stated, intentional walks can be a good strategic move in certain situations. Examples of accepted intentional walk strategies include putting an accomplished hitter on in the late innings of a close game or filling an open base to set up a force play, also in the late innings of a close game. Intentional walks can also be used to antagonize a batter when issued without reason or in a manner that is unacceptable. Issuing intentional walks without good strategic reason is Busch league. Pitchers are asked to kindly refrain from such a practice. Pitchers that roll pitches to the plate, throw pitches 30’ in the air, or intentionally walk a batter in a manner that attacks the integrity of the game, will be immediately ejection from the game for making a mockery of the game.

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