Tie-Breaker Rule

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Tie-Breaker Rule

Post by sixofdiamonds » Mon Apr 01, 2019 4:22 pm

TIE-BREAKERS: In the event of a 2-way tie in the final standings, head to head play will be the 1st tie-breaker. If head to head play is a split, seasonal runs-against will be used as the 2nd tie-breaker with head to head runs-against as the 3rd tiebreaker. In the event of a 3 or more way tie, the old rule employed the use of seasonal runs against as the first tie-breaker. Beginning this year, we will use head to head to break any 3 or more way ties. In the case of teams beating one another (Team A beat Team B, Team B beat Team C, and Team C beat Team A), we will revert back to seasonal runs against. All other tie-breakers will remain intact. If seasonal runs against are the same, head to head play is the 2nd tie-breaker. If head to head is a split, head to head seasonal runs against is be the 3rd tie-breaker. If the listed tie-breakers fail to produce clear results, a coin toss or reasonable facsimile will take place.

The runs-against total for teams involved in forfeits is to be adjusted upward to compensate for the automatic 7-0 score awarded to forfeited games. League statisticians will take the average of all non-forfeited games and assign that average to each forfeited game. As an example; a 5-3 team has a runs-against total of 60. In 2 of their games they were involved in a forfeit. The runs-against total of 60 is to be divided by the 6 non-forfeited games for an actual average of 10 runs-against per game. The average of 10 runs-against per game is assigned to each forfeited game and the adjusted runs-against total shall become 80.

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